Real Talk – Pengshui

In a modern world where diversity and unity are promoted in everyday life, applying this mindset to music is the perfect way to push boundaries and set the bar to evolve and view creativity though a new perspective. London based Pengshui, have done exactly that. Combing Hip-Hop and Punk to acheive their own unqie sound,... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Venues

Germany is the home of the largest fanbase for heavy music. So starting a new band means there is a tough crowd to impress. Venues have done exactly. With a period of having no vocalist the band have seen some tough times recently have but a newfound frontwoman Venues are sure to take 2020 by... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Venom Prison

After giving the world their second album, "Samsara" Venom Prison has become one of the most exciting modern metal bands. With Hardcore roots blended with a Death Metal influence their sound is modern and everything a modern heavy band should sound like. The band have seen success in North American and are soon heading to... Continue Reading →

REAL TALK: Beans On Toast

Rob had a great chat with 'Beans On Toast' lately. This is a bumper length interview so sit back, and enjoy... How did your career start, where and when were your beginnings? I wrote my first song when I was 15 years old and have been writing songs ever since. I really love the process... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Cruelty

Are you like us? Do you love some heavy shit? Then look no further than Cruelty. The boys dropped an annihilator of an EP this year and don't look to be slowing down. Check out the chat they had with Rob, below! Your latest EP “In the grasp of machines” has been out for a... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Vision Quest

Plymouth based hardcore band 'Vision Quest' have had a great year and they don't look like stopping anytime soon! With a limited vinyl run on the go, check them and this chat out. How did the band form and what was the common vision you all shared? The original idea was to make a heavy... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Watch Me Die

London based straight edge hardcore outfit 'Watch Me Die' had a chat with us about topics such as the importance of a good live show, the importance of lyrical content and what makes them the band that they are. How did your band form and come together? We all had wanted to start a band... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Conor O’Rourke

From his days in metalcore outfit 'Odessa', Conor has reinvented his sound to suit a whole new scene. Continue reading to hear some of his experiences since the change and what the near future holds. Describe your sound and influences? It can vary for sure, some of my solo music can be very ambient, quaint... Continue Reading →

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