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In episode one we are joined by Casey Cavaliere, guitarist for philadelphian pop-punk innovators The Wonder Years.

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In the second episode we are joined by Josh Portman who is best known for his playing bass in pop-punk giants Yellowcard.

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The third episode sees Bryony Williams join us as she discusses signing her first record deal and her excellent EP entitled “State I’m In”.

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Aaron Heard sings in hardcore outfit Jesus Piece
and plays bass in the shoegaze band Nothing. He is a multi talented instrumentalist and a fanastic musician. Aaron talks about his main and early
musical influences, life on the road and how he has
been coping durinfg the lockdown.

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Episode five sees Giusepee
Capoluop join us. He is best
known for his work drumming in the metalcore outfit The Devil Wares Prada. In this episode Gieseppe talks about his musical journey, his early life and his apporach to creating music.

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To run paralell alongside our magazine we also proudly produce the Faultlie Social podcast. Where we dive deep with our guests as they bring to light their creative process, musical experiences and stories covering their life and career. In this podcast Faultline continues to break the mould by continuing to provide enjoyable and unqiue content. 

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