Hoagies and Happiness: Goalkeeper

The last year may have left a lot of us black and blue, but even with the twists and turns it brought, we definitely were still gifted with some rad music. Now obviously without shows and promoting new music on the road, bands really used the time to promote in new ways, focused on creating... Continue Reading →

Big Light Shining Through: The Insides

Follow the band on Instagram - @the_insides @evilsisterart (Joe- singer/guitarist) @iangallagher12(Ian- bass) @nowhereusa(Mark- drums)  Philadelphia. Yet another East Coast city that shines through with a big light musically. I mean we’ve got bands like Circa Survive, Modern Baseball, and The Starting Line, just to name a few. It is no wonder when living and or growing... Continue Reading →

Making The Right Call: Pointless

New Jersey. When we think of the New Jersey music scene, specifically in regards to the punk/emo genre, what bands come to mind? We perhaps go back a bit to the band Lifetime. Then there’s Saves the Day, who for a lot of people were a huge influence and a forever favorite. Then we have... Continue Reading →

The Scribes Release New Video for “Haunted House Party”

Listen to "Haunted House Party" here. Follow The Scribes on - Facebook/Instagram/YouTube/Spotify/Bandcamp/Twitter Englands finest modern hip-hop crew are back and with quite a presence. "Haunted House Party” sees the group collaberate with Finish mastermind, J-Boom. The two creative forces comivned to create this musical sensation over the recent lockdown. The Scribes are a multi award... Continue Reading →

Reviewed – Jack Cattell – The Orchestral EP

Rating - 4/5 Links - Www.Facebook.com/jackcattellmusic Www.twitter.com/Jcattellmusic Www.Instagram.com/jackcattellmusic Www.soundcloud.com/jackcattellmusic Www.jackcattellmusic.bandcamp.com Locked Away - The Orchestral EP is Jack Cattell’s middle finger to the lockdown. For those living under the biggest of rocks the Coronavirus and resultant lock down restrictions have had a devastating blow on many industries but none more than the live music industry.... Continue Reading →

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