Real Talk – Noelle Vanyi

Hailing from Barcalona Spain, Noelle Vanyi is bringing a whole fresh new outlook to modern music. Combing modern pop and rock elements with meaningfull lyrics Neolle is an exciting new artist with endless potential. Noelle is a passionate songwriter with strong work ethic and she is determined to perform her music for the masses. Describe... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Finn Mckenty (The Punk Rock MBA)

After starting his Youtube channel in 2017 Finn Mckenty has now achieved 177,000 subscribers and is highly respected for his in-depth content discussing music culture in every detail. Naming himself "The Punk Rock MBA" Finn has made content that investigates many topics that have not really been brought to attention for fans of respected genres.... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Splintered

Splintered are no strangers to the UK hardcore scene, after a string of hard hitting and successfull releases the band have been relentless performing up and down the UK and even played shows in europe with the likes of Vein and Twitching Toungs. The band are Second City Hardcore veterans, Guitarist Jack Beale-Burchell spoke to... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Luke Rainsford

After playing countless festivals, touring up and down the UK, seeing every corner on Ontario in Canada and a europian tour on the horizon, Luke Rainsford is an artist who is relentlessly giving himself to music. Using his heartfelt open letters of lyrics as self expression and playing emo inspired acoustic pop-punk, Lukes sound is... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Bran Mazz

After moving to London from Birmingham to develop and push his blend of soul and electronic music, Bran Mazz has seen nothing but excitement invested in him. After taking his live show up and down the country the singer songwriter is now working on a new project and shows no sings of slowing down in... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Boundaires

Quebec City in Canada has never particualrly been a key a player in the Hardcore genre. However times have changed and in 2020 the scene is alive in the city and leading the pack is Boundaires, an energetic, talented young band and a key player in the modern Canadian harcore scene. They recently spoke to... Continue Reading →

REAL TALK: Beans On Toast

Rob had a great chat with 'Beans On Toast' lately. This is a bumper length interview so sit back, and enjoy... How did your career start, where and when were your beginnings? I wrote my first song when I was 15 years old and have been writing songs ever since. I really love the process... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Cruelty

Are you like us? Do you love some heavy shit? Then look no further than Cruelty. The boys dropped an annihilator of an EP this year and don't look to be slowing down. Check out the chat they had with Rob, below! Your latest EP “In the grasp of machines” has been out for a... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Benji Wild (Ex-Astroid Boys)

Rising to infamy with the fiery 'Astroid Boys', Benji Wild has carved himself quite the career! He now embarks on an exciting solo career which promises many things! Have a read down below to find out more about what he's up to! With you now focusing on your solo career, how is it different working... Continue Reading →

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