Real Talk – Pengshui

In a modern world where diversity and unity are promoted in everyday life, applying this mindset to music is the perfect way to push boundaries and set the bar to evolve and view creativity though a new perspective. London based Pengshui, have done exactly that. Combing Hip-Hop and Punk to acheive their own unqie sound,... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Venues

Germany is the home of the largest fanbase for heavy music. So starting a new band means there is a tough crowd to impress. Venues have done exactly. With a period of having no vocalist the band have seen some tough times recently have but a newfound frontwoman Venues are sure to take 2020 by... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Venom Prison

After giving the world their second album, "Samsara" Venom Prison has become one of the most exciting modern metal bands. With Hardcore roots blended with a Death Metal influence their sound is modern and everything a modern heavy band should sound like. The band have seen success in North American and are soon heading to... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Audiokicks

Audiokicks are a band that strive to create a unique sound and use their band as a platfrom to express themselves with no limits to their creative freedom. After an eventfull few years in within the band, they show no signs of slowing down and are still producing music that will no doubt engage every... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Noelle Vanyi

Hailing from Barcalona Spain, Noelle Vanyi is bringing a whole fresh new outlook to modern music. Combing modern pop and rock elements with meaningfull lyrics Neolle is an exciting new artist with endless potential. Noelle is a passionate songwriter with strong work ethic and she is determined to perform her music for the masses. Describe... Continue Reading →

Real Talk – Finn Mckenty (The Punk Rock MBA)

After starting his Youtube channel in 2017 Finn Mckenty has now achieved 177,000 subscribers and is highly respected for his in-depth content discussing music culture in every detail. Naming himself "The Punk Rock MBA" Finn has made content that investigates many topics that have not really been brought to attention for fans of respected genres.... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Splintered

Splintered are no strangers to the UK hardcore scene, after a string of hard hitting and successfull releases the band have been relentless performing up and down the UK and even played shows in europe with the likes of Vein and Twitching Toungs. The band are Second City Hardcore veterans, Guitarist Jack Beale-Burchell spoke to... Continue Reading →

Real Talk: Luke Rainsford

After playing countless festivals, touring up and down the UK, seeing every corner on Ontario in Canada and a europian tour on the horizon, Luke Rainsford is an artist who is relentlessly giving himself to music. Using his heartfelt open letters of lyrics as self expression and playing emo inspired acoustic pop-punk, Lukes sound is... Continue Reading →

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