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It seems when it comes to New Jersey everything is very much all in the family. A very tight-knit circle if you may. When it comes to the music community the talent is endless and of course as we know that some of the greats have come out of NJ. One band on the rise is a four-piece from Vineland that seems to be making moves and making a name for themselves in the pop-punk community. They go by the name FRND CRCL and it’s been very clear that they are on their way to becoming the life of the pop-punk party. 

FRND CRCL actually started out as a 2 member band recording when they could, releasing music on SoundCloud and hoping for the best. With the magic that is the music community, they were able to find additional members and that’s when the party started. 

Right off the bat in 2017, they give us a full-length album called “Immuniversity”. We then see a new single and an EP in 2018 and 2019. And then even in the madness of 2020, we see another full length called “Internet Noise”.  Also in the midst of everything that was 2020, the band joined the Lost Music Collective family. They don’t stop the momentum there though, in 2021 they give us another two singles “Complications” and “Quitters”. 

With every release, we really hear them polishing their sound and you can tell they’re definitely growing as a band. Fast forward to 2022 and they have graced us with their latest single, LIFEOFTHEPARTY. A slightly harder tune that will definitely have you up and bopping in the pit. 

The band has also hit the road quite a bit as of late and will also be giving us even more new music in the near future. I had the opportunity to have member, Zac, answer a few questions pertaining to the bands’ background, new music, touring, and more! 

  • First off, can you give us a little history lesson on FRND CRCL? How did you all meet and how did the band come to be? 

I could describe FRND CRCL’s history as a pretty humble beginning. Originally, we started off as a two-piece project with the drummer and I finding the nearest studio at the time and recording some demos of songs we had been working on in my parents’ basement. Come to think of it, I don’t think any of these songs saw the light of day with the exception of “Joyride” or now “Joyride 2.0”. At the time, we had no clue about how to market ourselves or anything like that. We literally just threw them up on SoundCloud, made a post on social media, and hoped for the best. But the interesting thing is that it was kind of a beacon to all the musicians from or around our town that said “hey, someone’s forming a band here”. Which is how we acquired the next members of the band Adam and eventually Dom. 

  • Who would you say are some of your major musical influences that made you want to start playing and writing music? 

My major influences are definitely drawn from the roots of the classic Pop Punk era. So many great albums were dropped during this era and the entire culture exploded into popularity. Skateboarding was bigger than ever, technology was reaching new heights and the songwriting/stylistic choices were so massive and had such an impact on me. I try to keep these themes in mind when writing new material. The reason I wanted to do this is that I always wanted to help people and I felt like I had a story to tell. It is the most rewarding feeling when someone says that your music has helped them in some way. Other than that, I love being a part of the process. From writing the music to designing the merch, to coming up with music video concepts. Being in a band is a lot of fun, it is my passion! 

  • Now you just put out a rad new single called “LIFEOFTHEPARTY”. Will we be hearing a new album this year? 

A new album and new music is in the works! We’ve got something fun and upbeat for y’all!

  • Back in September of 2021 you guys hit the road with Goalkeeper. How was that run? Was there a certain show in particular that was your favorite?

Touring with Goalkeeper was amazing! We’d do a run with those dudes again in a heartbeat. It was our first tour and we learned a ton. As seasoned veterans, we’re thankful they helped show us the ropes of the road. My favorite show of the tour was a house show we played in Ford City, PA just for the simple fact that it was not anything like we thought it would be, but still turned out to be a great time.

  • lastly, if you could go on tour for a whole year with any band, one that is still together or split up, who would it be and why?

I would tour with any band at this point, but if I could do a dream lineup, it would be FRND CRCL, Seaway, Neck Deep, and Blink-182.

The world definitely is still very wonky, but as I’ve said many times, one constant that we can all count on and appreciate is our favorite bands and artists still pushing through and giving us music to get through whatever the universe throws at us. This band definitely has a bright future and it will be fun following their journey through 2022. Keep your eye on FRND CRCL, share their tunes and follow them on this pop-punk Jersey journey! 

Article by Kristen Hernandez

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