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I’m sure we’ve all wondered what it’s like being on tour with one of our favorite bands. Is it a party every night? Are the band members just as cool as you thought they would be? Is sleep deprivation something you’ve never experienced?? In a short answer, absolutely. Last month I went on a run with The Maguas. Now, it wasn’t a huge one. 4 nights. 4 cities. And 3 bands I’ll never forget. For those of you that aren’t familiar with The Maguas, they are a band from Scranton, Pennsylvania that I befriended back in 2020 and have been following their journey ever since. Their music caught my ears and tugged at my heartstrings. It’s been amazing watching them grow, work their asses off and develop into the rockstars that they are. When I found out about their small October run from the drummer, Brandon Ossont, I knew I needed to make it out to the East Coast to not only experience the Maguas magic but to finally meet these talented gents I’ve only ever interacted with through social media. 

So I hopped on a plane to Philly, drove to Scranton, and embarked on the adventure that is gig life.

Now before we hit the road we enjoyed a nice evening in Brandon’s backyard meeting and greeting and enjoying a fire that consisted of burning anything and everything Brandon could find. It was a great first evening in PA and little did we know that was our last night of decent sleep we’d have until the next week. 

The tour started on a Thursday and our first stop was Boston. Let’s ship up and start this “Almost Famous” journey. For starters, I’m from Arizona, so the drive to Boston was nothing short of breathtaking. Fall on the East Coast did not disappoint. Traffic on the other hand could kick rocks. After about 6 hours and one quick stop to Cabela’s we made it to Sammy’s Patio in Revere, MA. We parked, took a breath, and were greeted by the members of Outatime! and Dear Youth. 

Now before we get to jamming let’s introduce you to these other talented bands on this run…

Up first, Dear Youth. Or as we liked to call them “The Canadians”. These dashing dudes from Montreal seriously rocked it every night and their music is something to be praised and played loud. This band has a bright future ahead and if you haven’t given their new album “Heirloom” a listen then your ears are really missing out. 

And now for the other amazing band on this run,  Outatime! From FL, this pop-punk band is one you cannot pass up a chance to see live and their music does not disappoint. I don’t think we could’ve asked for better company and what a show they put on every night. They came out with an album last year called “Mindset” and it delivers all the nostalgic pop-punk vibes you could ever ask for. 

All in all, Boston was a bit of a blur with the drive there, late-night drive back, and late set. BUT it was the first time I got to watch the Scranton boys perform, so for me, it was nothing short of epic and worth all the road rage, late-night fast food stomach aches, and sleep deprivation. We got back to Scranton around 7am. Some of us slept solid, some up within a few hours after passing out. But that evening was the home show for The Maguas so the adrenaline kept us going and nothing could’ve prepared us for the unforgettable night ahead. 

The second show was at The V Spot in Scranton, PA, and let me just say the energy was UNREAL that night. I don’t know if it was the fact that it was a home show, the kick-ass sets played by each band, the one too many beers, or just the amazing company, but this night was one we’d never forget. All of the bands were amazing, but of course, the Scranton Sad Boys ended the evening with an emo bang and even played their  Transatlanticism inspired anthem “Mess You Made”.  Scranton did not disappoint and we all left that night knowing things would never be the same after those epic performances and all becoming a bit closer. 

The next stop was DC! I lost the Maguas on the way there but found myself at the venue, DC9, before everyone. Parking was a nightmare, we unloaded the vans in the rain while almost slipping to our deaths going up and down the stairs to the venue. But once we got in and settled, the night ended up being quite chill. It was an easy-going evening filled with great company, fab convos (one where I even found out one of the drummers became a part of one of the bands because of a Craigslist ad haha), and a lot of whiskey ginger’s. DC definitely made an impression and it was a night for the books. 

After the first decent night of sleep, we all got up early, well what we thought was early enough, and headed to NY. The last stop was Amityville Music Hall. I left the hospitality of Outatime! around 10am. Little did I know I wouldn’t make it to the venue until after 5pm. A 4 1/2 hour drive turned into 7 and the road rage and anxiety of being late was real. I surprisingly was the first of the gang to get there. We finally all made it, got everything set up, took a breath, and naturally, a few of us went to see the iconic Amityville Horror house. It’s apparently frowned upon to even look at it as we quickly snapped a few pictures and were greeted with open arms by the locals as one drove by and shouted “get a life losers”. Good times. It was the last night, everyone played epic sets and the energy was magical in the venue that evening. Hearts were definitely heavy and all the feels were hitting hard. It was only a 4-day run, but damn. I was really gonna miss these amazing humans. We ended the evening together. Lots of pictures, deep conversations, and Jager bombs thanks to the Canadians. We gathered on the stage and took the tour picture, finished loading vans, and said our farewells. This wouldn’t be the last time we saw one another, but we all wished it would be sooner than later. To give a more in-depth look from the bands’ perspectives some members from The Maguas and Outatime! agreed to answer a few questions pertaining to the tour! 

For starters, this run may have been a short one, but all of you brought the energy every night and made it quite epic. How was it that you were all linked up for this tour?

  • Brandon(Maguas): Honestly, Twitter was how we really all began talking initially!Running the Pop Punk Influences playlist on Spotify also has helped us meet so many incredible bands, including Outatime & Dear Youth through their submissions, and has opened up so many avenues for us in terms of meeting new bands to play with! We’re so thankful to both Outatime and Dear Youth for making this tour so special and we hope to do it all again in the near future!
  • Justin(OT): Originally this was only supposed to be like a quick weekender for us! I think we reached out to Brandon from The Maguas to see if they were down for a 2-3 show run and then Dear Youth asked if we all wanted to add another date to make it a party!

Is there one night, in particular, that was more memorable? If so, why? 

  • Brandon (Maguas): Scranton, definitely. The Scranton date on this tour was our first time back home since the pandemic started. We really wanted to make this show special, and despite all the obstacles, it certainly was. We were met with a sold out crowd at The V-Spot and even pulled out some old school Maguas’ songs as fan service to those who have been supporting us since the very beginning. We are so thankful to those who were able to come out to see us on this tour, especially the hometown crowd!
  • Justin(OT) : Scranton brought the energy! It was such a cool feeling playing in someone else’s hometown and feeling welcomed by everyone! The Dwight Schrute mural was also a huge plus!
  • Nikk(OT): I may have to say Long Island. It was so surreal, just everyone at the show was carrying this energy and community there is beautiful. Let’s Go Mets!!!
  • Tony(OT): Long Island for me was particularly memorable. Everyone there seemed so supportive of the bands in general that it made me feel right at home. The scene there is spectacular and I hope to perform again there one day.
  • Now if you guys could cover any one of the other bands songs from this run, which one would it be and why?

Brandon (Maguas): Who You Are by Dear Youth! That song is so insanely catchy and well written, I’m sort of jealous we didn’t write it! Also, the music video is so well done – you all need to check it out ASAP!

  • Tony(OT): Dear Youth’s “Who you are” would be fun to play. Issa bop. 
  • Nikk(OT): Dear Youth: Fair Warning 
  • Justin(OT): The Maguas “Shapeless” and Dear Youths “Who You Are”

lastly, are there any plans in the near future to hit the road with each other again?

  • Brandon(Maguas): As of right now, we have a few other tours in the works with a few other acts BUT we can happily say that Dear Youth will be returning to Scranton on Dec. 17th to play our record release show! As for Outatime, we expect to see them again next summer for some really exciting event to be announced at a later date (wink wink)!
  • Tony(OT): The good thing about hitting the road is that it never hits back. So yes haha. 
  • Justin(OT): I’m all for it!! Hopefully no one leaves an animal trap at the bottom of the stairs next time hah!
  • Nikk(OT): Maybe……. Possibly……. 🙂

This “Almost Famous” experience is definitely one I will never forget. I met people who are now friends and listened to music every night that has impacted me now in some type of way. I know now this is the type of community I want to be a part of. The sense of family and togetherness we experienced is what people dream of. Music brought us together and music will keep us going. Please check out all three of these talented bands! Give them a follow, share their tunes, and hit the open road to catch them live! 

All photos courtesy of Anthony Catalano 

Article by Kristen Hernandez

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