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It seems early November has been hitting us with all sorts of rad new releases. One, in particular, is the new single called “Reminder” from the band Card Reader and it is a track that has all the fall feels and vibes. If you aren’t familiar with this band let me give you a little VH1 behind the music briefing. Card Reader, a NY-based band, started releasing music in 2020 starting with the single “Familiar Voices”. Here we are introduced to a very unique and mature pop-punk sound, very early 2000’s with a bit of alt-rock, that will please even the eldest and youngest of emo ears. They release a few more singles and then an EP “Mental Scars”, which even has a guest appearance on the title track from the bass master himself, Ryan Beebe, of Goalkeeper. Fast forward to the present tense and we have been gifted with the gem of a track “Reminder”. As per other Card Reader tracks, it’s catchy as hell and lyrically this one definitely pulls at the heartstrings. “Reminder” takes us on a journey of loss and learning to find ways to cope and survive through such a loss. It is a very sincere and relatable track that you can find comfort in and you’ll have a hard time not keeping on repeat. To get a little more insight into what this song is about I asked the frontman, Tom Petito, a few questions pertaining to the song, recording it with Nik Bruzzese and future releases!

  • “Reminder” seems to be a very personal track. Can you give us a little insight into what this song is about?

Honestly, every Card Reader song has a personal meaning to me. I love writing that way. I craft my words vaguely at times so listeners can apply their own story to the feeling that I express. I do that because I don’t want them to feel alone in their thoughts. The song could be an emotional vessel for someone who needs it. That’s what I try to create. That’s my writing style behind Card Reader! I wrote this song personally inspired by a close friend of mine who decided to leave town one day and never look back. Never to communicate again with no reason left behind for those closest. That was years ago. I’ve always wondered how many people deal with this event in life. I wonder how many people are left in the dark. This song spells out my opinion on the subject. 

  • You recorded this at The Gradwell House, how was recording with the man himself, Nik Bruzzese?

We’re really excited because this is our first release coming out of The Gradwell House. When you walk into that studio you know you’re making music at a high level. Nik is a stellar producer and has massively impacted our songs since day one! He sits down with you and treats the situation like he’s in the band. He cares about the creative progression from one song to the next. Working with Nik and his team always brings the best out of us.

  • lastly, can we expect an EP in the near future? Or full length? 

I’m glad you asked! We have several new releases planned for 2022. There will be more singles and a new EP! We want to be a band that consistently delivers to our fanbase. We’re really proud of this next chapter of music coming out of Gradwell House. I’d like our listeners to know this is just the tip of the iceberg for Card Reader! We’re just getting started! 

“Reminder” is now streaming on all listening platforms! Give it a listen, share it with your mates and be sure to follow and support Card Reader. One listen and you won’t need reminding to keep them in your daily rotation! 

Article by Kristen Hernandez

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