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I want you to think about a song you’ve listened to lately that brought you comfort. The way its lyrics wrapped you up in peace and its melodies took you far away from whatever you were going through at that moment. After all, isn’t that why we love music and its ability to be our therapist. We sit with it, in sessions sometimes, and for those few minutes we become submerged in it and everything is copacetic.

What I think we forget about though is the process and sometimes pain that bands and artists go through that helps in the creation of these gems that get us through our hardships. After all, most melancholy masterpieces start from some type of loss, heartache, or life-changing experience. But even though the haze and sorrow, these bands seem to find light and turn it into those songs we love so much.

Today I want to introduce you to a band that gives us said gems. We head back to Philly for this journey, so kick your feet up and stay awhile and allow me to introduce you to Saver.

Saver originally was supposed to be a solo project that frontman Tim Burke wanted to start, but it soon turned into a 4 piece that includes a few of his good friends and his brother. They have been playing together for ten years and started to release music back in 2015.

The first we hear from Saver is a self-titled EP. Here we are introduced to Saver’s unique sound, which with this EP, has a sort of “Brand New Your Favorite Weapon vine but with an acoustic attitude” type of vibe. The lyrics are quite personal and you feel all the raw emotion that went into these songs. We then get a string of singles and even an album in 2019 called “The First Step in Leaving”. They give us a hell of a single in 2020 called “Sunflower Attrition”. This was actually the first track I had ever heard by Saver. I had seen it shared on a friend’s story and immediately was hooked after one listen. With the downtime of 2020, we also got a live acoustic album, “The First Step in Staying”, which seemed to be just what we needed during a challenging year.

Now that brings us to the present tense and with that Saver has released a new single “Locust Creek” along with an awesome new video shot by the amazing Kurt Fowles of Sirius Cinema. The track is lyrically very raw and you can tell it is telling a very true and personal about what Tim has been going through. Now I recently had a chance to chat with Tim and he kindly answered a few questions about Saver, his influences, songwriting, and upcoming music.

  • First off, can you give us a little history lesson about who Saver is and how the band came to be?

Saver was originally a solo project. I wanted to see if I could cut it as a solo artist, so I started Saver as a way to test that idea. Eventually, things kind of picked up. I wanted to expand on what I could do with both songwriting and live performance. So, I asked my best friends to join in. I’ve been playing with this group of guys for over ten years at this point, through different variations and names over the years. Two of my best friends play guitar and bass, and my brother plays drums.

  • Now you have been putting out music since 2015 correct? I have to say you guys have a very unique sound. It’s kind of hard to plug you into a particular genre. It’s very 90s alt, with a splash of an emo acoustic vibe and pinch of pop-punk. That’s just my opinion of course. Who are some of your biggest influences when it came to developing your sound?

I am ALWAYS falling in love with new artists, so there’s a lot of times where I’ll write around whatever artist I’m really into at the time. My bandmates listen to different music than I do, so when it comes time for them to add their style to the parts, I feel that’s when it becomes a “Saver” song. My biggest influences are Brand New, The Wonder Years, Nirvana, and The 1975. Right now I’m really into Hot Mulligan, Spirit Box, and Lucy Dacus.

  • Your lyrics are definitely very raw and personal. Can you take us through your songwriting process and where some of the inspiration came from for songs like “Locust Creek” and even “Sunflower Attrition”?

I can only write when I’m going through something. I have a hard time articulating my feelings at times, and music is truly my only way of getting difficult things off my chest. I’m always writing lyrics on my phone. Whatever I’m working on always starts there. I’ve recently gone through a rough breakup with someone I was planning to marry. I went from spending every day for three years with this person, to having to completely reconfigure my entire life. When she moved out, I took a trip to the woods of Vermont and wrote a few songs as a way to cleanse myself of the situation. Locust Creek is about that situation and my point of view and feelings on it. Sunflower Attrition is about the death of my grandmother. It was the first major death I had experienced in my life up until that point. I wrote a lot of the lyrics at the funeral.

  • So you recently shot a video for your new single “Locust Creek” with Kurt Fowles of Sirius Cinema, how was that process? Given his talent and background with music videos, I’m sure the video came out amazing!

The process was so easy, and professional. I came to him with a super simplistic idea, and he totally made it better than I had imagined it to be. I feel like every time he releases a video for a band, it’s always done with such incredible quality and creativeness. I was really looking forward to being a part of the roster of bands he works with. You don’t get better quality, period.

  • Now with the release of the new single can we expect a few more tracks in the near future? Maybe an EP?

“Locust Creek” is the first single off of my new EP titled, Bethel. There’s no release date set yet, but I’m already planning on the rollout of my next single, titled “Yellow Couch”.

  • Now if you’ve read some of the other interviews I’ve done you’ll notice I tend to end it with one annoyingly difficult question. If you could only listen to one Brand New album for the rest of your life which one would it be and why?

The Devil And God Are Raging Inside Me will always be my all-time favorite album. I still am finding new incredible details that I’d never noticed before when listening to it now. It always is the basis of most of my inspirations.

Looking forward to seeing what this talented gent and Saver do in the near future. It is songwriters like Tim and bands like Saver that help keep music with meaning and substance alive. Next time you listen to that go-to comfort song by your favorite band/artist, give it a share, give them a shoutout, tell them you love it. When someone has taken the time to create and essentially put their heart on their sleeve in the process, I feel it’s so important to just let them know that their work is appreciated. Stay tuned to Saver and keep your eyes peeled for that new EP. As always, don’t forget to give Saver a follow, share their tunes, start a garden and enjoy!

Article by Kristen Hernandez

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