Goalkeeping in La La Land

Nothing will ever beat the feeling of going to see your favorite band or artist live. The anticipation before. The waiting in line and possibly meeting new pong partner. The wondering if they’ll play your favorite song. But I think the best part of shows is the fact that we all came together for one thing and one moment. And for that night nothing else matters. You leave the day you had at the door and join together to sing your hearts out and possibly develop tinnitus.

We all felt the sting of not having live music for over a year, but as we slowly creep back into normalcy bands are heading back to stages. Now your first show back will probably be the most epic experience EVER. For me, it was just that and more. We head to Los Angeles, CA for this one. There the Philly trio, Goalkeeper, visited and it was a time for a lot of firsts. It was their first show back, their first time in LA, and my first time seeing/meeting them. Grab your hoagies once again and let’s chat about my night goalkeeping in the city of angels.

Now as some of you know I’m a native Arizonan with a love for the Midwest and a craving for the East Coast and its music. So when I found out one of my favorite East Coast bands were going to be venturing out west I had to jump on the opportunity. So I packed up the car and headed out west with my headphones on.

This is the first show I had been to since April 2020 and this would also be my first time meeting people who I only ever have connected with virtually, so to say I was a little nervous/excited would be an understatement. The show was also kind of an interesting lineup as they were opening for a band called Lido Beach, who coincidentally is their managers’ band. Which, let me just say, Lido Beach killed it. Definitely brought the energy and the entertainment.
I got to the venue, got my ticket scanned and the rest was history. I was greeted by the trio and let me just say not only are these dudes an amazing band, but they are probably the kindest, most down-to-earth dudes you’ll ever meet. They’re passionate about what they do and you hear that in their music and lyrics. Their energy was awesome and just like at any show, the songs just hit different live.

They opened with “Happy” and you immediately felt the energy shift and just like that, we were all experiencing a LIVE pop-punk show again. They played other favorites like Chances, Black & Blue, Sunshine and my personal favorite, Graveyard. All in all, it was an amazing night filled with great music, new friends, awesome convos, and of course “too many” beers.

I got to chat quite a bit with each of the dudes but also had some awesome conversations with the bands’ guitarist, Marc. It was awesome to hear what they have in store for the future and just how passionate he and the other guys are about the music and where they’re headed. Marc was willing to answer a few questions I sent over in regards to the show, touring, and their LA experience!

  • For starters, let me just say that you guys rocked it. What a great way to enter back into the show season. How did it feel to be back on stage after having so much time off?? Was it an odd feeling not having your first show back not be on the East Coast?

It felt amazing! As soon as we loaded in and sound checked it just felt so familiar in the best way and it was great to play these new songs live. As far as playing on the west coast, it was just weird (in a positive way) because we’ve never been on that side of the country at all let alone to play a show. A lot of firsts for us. But now we have some EC shows lined up for the end of this month which we can’t wait for.

  • Now this was your first time in LA, what did you think of the West Coast?? Did you guys get to do any exploring?

It was cool! Definitely a much different vibe compared to the East Coast. It was slower and more chill. Still East Coast forever though haha. We got to drive around and see a lot of famous landmarks which was rad. Honestly, we had so much jammed into these few days I feel like I need to come back for a week just to explore haha.

  • So I’m pretty sure I’m remembering this correctly, but Lido Beach is actually your managers band? How did you guys end up crossing paths?

We were looking for a manager and our friend Nik connected us to a few. I think we all saw the importance of having one at this stage. From there, it was just connection after connection until we began talking to Scott. Hit it off right away and he’s got a great work ethic, so we are stoked.

  • With touring starting up again is there a certain city or venue you guys are most excited to play at?

Oh absolutely. Philadelphia aside because that’s obvious, we can’t wait to play Long Island, Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Rochester again. Those are like second homes to us. In addition to that, being that touring is coming back, we get to play a lot of new cities that we had planned for in 2020 such as Chicago, Boston, and now the U.K. Definitely can’t wait!!!

  • Lastly, if you could go on tour with any band/artist of your choosing who would it be and why?

Oh, that’s always a great question. I mean, I would say the big ones always include blink-182 (get well soon Mark), and Green Day. I would also say Jimmy Eat World, Transit (please come back), The Menzingers, The Wonder Years, etc. These are the bands who have shaped us.

There’s no doubt in my mind that Goalkeeper has a bright future ahead. They’re are just one of those bands that put in the work, know what they want and it shines through in their music. I couldn’t have asked for a better first show back and I cannot wait to venture to the East Coast to see them play a show in their neck of the woods. If you never have given these gentlemen a listen, I suggest you get on it so you can belt out some lyrics at one of their shows. They have an EP out right now called “Life in Slow Motion” and it does not disappoint. Give them a follow, share their tunes, and take some advice from the GK boys themselves and lose that attitude and show some gratitude. Until next time, gents!

Article by Kristen Hernandez

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