Reviewed – Harry Leo – Youthquake

Rating – 3.5/5

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Youthquake’ is the debut single from Birmingham singer and songwriter Harry Leo, released as part of an upcoming EP titled ‘Social Commentaries’ set for release later in the year.

Drawing from the sounds of pop-rock radio staples in the style of The 1975 et al, ‘Youthquake’ is an upbeat promise of youth uprising and aims to spread positivity with a bouncy melody, optimistic lyrics, and jangly, shimmering synths.

To say that it’s a standard pop track however would be doing a disservice, whilst it’s crafted in the style of easy digestible radio indie rock. There are layered synth patterns that give the track an extra boost, and the occasional tasteful guitar run is a welcome addition. Similarly the outro fuzzy Mayer-esque solo tops off the whole thing nicely.

There’s certainly a large mix of things going on to keep the track moving along nicely, and you’ll pick up things on repeated listenings. Whilst all these choices do serve the song nicely and nothing feels cluttered, there’s something that doesn’t quite capture the mood that was intended. Whilst certainly interesting musically, the overall feel of the track is somewhat lackluster and doesn’t quite live up to the expressiveness of its promising title. More of a mild rumble than a full-on ‘Youthquake’.

A young and talented musician and multi-instrumentalist who’s already cut his teeth as a session player (a serious achievement in itself), Harry Leo has offered a track that’s polished, clean sounding and well put together but teeters on the precipice of really being something that could have been much more interesting. Look for the release of his upcoming EP ‘Social Commentaries’ in the near future.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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