Reviewed – Silvertwin -You Only

Rating – 5/5

In anticipation of their self-titled debut album, London quintet Silvertwin brings us their single ‘You Only’; it’s a sun-drenched slice of 70s soft rock, heavily influenced by the West Coast Beach-Boy aesthetic and the subsequent yacht rock artists that followed in their wake.

The vocals carry with them the smooth melodic quality of adult contemporary songwriters such as Billy Joel et al but are also infused and layered with multiple-part harmonies popularised by the Beatles before them. ‘You Only’ brings that layered instrumental vibe that you might hear in a Steely Dan track, but offers a very simplistic and open listening experience that belies its complexity.

The hooks are extremely effective, a pinnacle of pop simplicity and the rhythmic stabbing turnarounds that mark the end of each verse are foot tappingly infectious. Instrumentally, there’s a floaty, hazy feel with a heavy emphasis on the vocals and a soft synth/keys section. The track also boasts a piece of music history, with band leader Isaac Shalam playing the same vibraphone Brian Wilson used to record the iconic ‘Pet Sounds’ with the Beach Boys.

The track seems very much to be about looking backward in musical history and naturally, it was the intention of the group to don their rose-tinted goggles and purposefully evoke that classic songwriting nostalgia of their youths. The eventual goal being to create an “album of timeless songwriting”, in their own words. 

Whilst there’s a lot to be said for pushing musical boundaries and creating new or interesting styles of music, not every record has to be completely original in it’s conceptual stage; Silvertwin has shown this much as they can clearly draw from the past whilst still writing a great song that whilst obviously derivative of its influences, doesn’t actually feel like a rip-off. A distillation of the songwriting greats before them, SIlvertwin pay homage in an endearing and cogent way that demonstrates their strong musicianship and clear understanding of what makes a great track.

‘Only You’ is available to stream now, and the self titled debut album release on the 16th July. 



Review by Theo Wildgoose

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