Reviewed – Estate – Ghost

Rating – 4/5

Estate are a four-piece rock band from Telford. Since their ‘I Was There’ EP in 2019, they’ve been establishing their alternative rock sound with additional tracks released in 2020. Their latest single ‘Ghost’ arrived in January of this year on their EP of the same name and is their most played song to date.

The song opens with some very well-produced and genre-appropriate shimmering guitars which set the tone for the track nicely. The opening verse pushes for seaside imagery which seems fitting against the watery guitar sounds. A strong vocal performance from lead singer David Frazer is also note-worthy and articulates the song’s message to great effect. The song gains momentum into the chorus where the songwriting and production work hand in hand to portray the emotion held in the lyric.

The vocal mix can leave a little to be desired, occasionally lacking the punch needed to carry the mood of the track in the pre-choruses and even struggling to be heard clearly in the bridge. This is the only time you have to work a little as a listener but makes an otherwise powerful song lose
some of its strength.

As the bridge expands into an instrumental, a welcomed shift in arrangement allows the bass to take the spotlight, featuring a growing distortion. The track has a moment to ‘breathe’ before hitting back into full swing for a final chorus. The track then features a lengthy fade-out and has over ten seconds of silence at the end. Whilst this doesn’t take away from the tune, it doesn’t leave the listener wondering if this was an artistic choice or a slight oversight in the final stages of mastering.

Overall, the song is well written and performed and has all the makings of a ‘go-to tune’ for all alternative rock fans. It also invites the listener to check out ‘Run With Me’ and ‘Home’ that precede ‘Ghosts’ on the latest EP.

Review by Harry Leo

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