Reviewed – Cold Company – Away We Go

Rating – 3.5/5

A creative lockdown project was the perfect way to stimulate the mind of a musician during the past twelve months. Cold Company has crafted and brought to life an engaging single this lockdown and it is quite clear that “Away We Go” is a precious piece of work for Cold Company as it showcases a true British rock vision and clearly showcases a great amount of thought and imagination throughout. 

The layered instrumentation and textured guitars exhibit an energetic introduction to this track and prove that Cold Company has truly enhanced their sound and tuneful outlook making a positive push for the music Cold Company stand by and will absolutely be moving at an exciting pace post-pandemic. The track begins with guitars that truly belong in a sweaty beer-drenched British venue and a solid melodic groove enters in good time and draws the listener in for an entertaining listen. The guitar lines move at a great pace complementing and contrast nicely from the introduction section and flow smoothly from department to department. Although they need more processing and the snare, in particular, gets lost in the mix, the drums complement the guitars nicely and do everything they need to do to keep the track driving. The chorus provides a great hook that shows some great songwriting and adds a truly inviting element to this track that will see listeners absolutely return back to this single. The short but heavy reverb on the vocals creates a true presence and finely tunes the dark elements of the track and helps the vocals to truly stand out. However, it would have been nice to see the vocal techniques and range differ as the song went on, vocally the range and approach remain the same which after some time can get slightly dull. It would be nice to see the confidence applied to the song structure and guitar work applied to the vocals, this would add some much-needed variation in the vocals especially during the second half of the song. 

In conclusion, “Away We Go” is the product of a band who are truly on to something and have everything needed for a true progression and have all the potential to make a quality impact on fans of modern rock music and become a true product of their environment while also keep the flame alive and adding being part of the long term listening and interesting of alternative creativity. Cold Company is a great band and this single is an enjoyable listen that they should be proud of. Let’s hope they continue to create material this intriguing and adapt to be the best they can, support this band and support this single.

Review by Rob Kent

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