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There are mixed emotions when watching a top-notch performance on a live stream from a band that sadly could not take their engaging live show and innovative music around the world this past year. It’s amazing to see a band perform so well and be an ideal punk band, but sad remembering how the pandemic halted a band this good from getting increased exposure. However, Boundaries from Quebec City took the cards they had left and made the absolute best of them. The recent live stream performance from the band at the l’anti bar & spectacles was incredible and it was a show that can not be forgotten. This forty-minute set showcased a modern hardcore punk band at the top of their class. The birds-eye camera alternating with side angles, the black and white choice for the visuals, the band’s clothing choice to complement the latest single “The Devil’s Breath” it’s was all there and with it, Boundaries have proved that they are an essential part of the modern musical climate.

This was not a gig as we know it, but this was a thrilling package that was put together so well by the band and the venue, the rawness of the musical performance and production resulted in a complex experience that encapsulates everything that punk rock is. The music and message were so alive and showed that Boundaries need nothing but their songs to show how much music means to them and all of us. The plain imagery was so ideal and their music says it all, this is five friends creating excellent music that they are passionate about. Boundaries take everything that made the punk genre captivating and have managed to express it in this incredible live stream brought on by the most un-ordinary circumstances of the world right now. 

Each member performed at the top of their class on this live performance and showed us why this band is a must-see when venues open back up and live music becomes a part of our life again. The Quebec City crew did themselves and their city proud and they are bringing the hardcore punk genre back to its roots while also progressing it with a modern vision. This live stream was the best of the best and Boundaries are a band you need to be listening to.

Article by Rob Kent

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