Reviewed – Charmist – Consider This

Rating – 4/5

Charmist comprises two Adams, White and Jackson, who after being aware of each other for a couple of years properly started collaborating in the spring of 2020.

“Consider This” is their first single. And it’s good.

The opening is slightly incongruous with the remainder, it’s very trance piano in it’s sound and to be honest does grab the attention if slightly fraudulently. It is definitely not a hint of what is to follow.

The keys, vocals and guitar are all taken on by White, leaving the drums and other percussion to Jackson. The track doesn’t feel shallow or flat in any way due to the paired back casting. In fact it’s a powerful, driving piece with enough energy to carry the heavy sound it generates.

The pace is solid at its slowest and builds up to somewhat of a crescendo during the anthemic and very chantable titular lyric “Consider This”.

The vocal in itself matches well with the track as a whole. It’s a solid rock performance with enough range to give it enough gravitas in the slower quieter moments, and enough harmony when the pace and the pitch demand it.

The percussion does a brilliant job of underpinning the song and lifting it through the heavy parts of the guitar and not being left behind when the keys come to the fore.  Texturally it’s not a balls to wall ranting screamfest from moment one to the end. We’ve already mentioned the piano introduction being something unusual but there are further nuances to enjoy. Little lighter moments when the dark brooding cloud breaks and some delightful melodic piano comes shining back through. There is even a tiny little cameo of the introductory melody just as the track fades out which is a nice cheeky note to end on.

In terms of this being the first single it’s a great opener. The SoundCloud blurb suggests an almost love at first sight meeting of the musical minds back in 2018 and there’s more than enough evidence of the synchronicity here. It’s not competing notions here. It’s not the musical equivalent of waiting for your turn. There feels a genuine melding here. It makes you wonder why it took two years. There’s a particular section just in the middle where it’s mainly vocal and percussion, the guitar takes a definite back seat. This is possibly the strongest part of the song and feels very much like a real coming together, like the two elements are talking to each other. Lots to commend to say the very least.

So, enter stage right the boys of Charmist. Well worth investigating when you get a chance.

Review by Jim Clinch

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