Silverstein – Out Of This World

It’s a gig, but not as we know it. Possibly the most overused and corny Star Trek  trope ever, but you’ll forgive me for pulling it out of the bag for this one because Silverstein’s extra-terrestrial inspired ‘Out Of this World’ concert series is definitely not short on silliness, but still manages to deliver on entertainment and musicality.

The series is split into three parts, a greatest hits, a full playthrough of 2005’s ‘Discovering The Waterfront’ and an acoustic set. The hour long concerts aren’t so much an online stream as they are fully realised productions, blending live music, a little bit of story and some nice (if corny) humour.

The greatest hits starts with a parody of 80s style throwback sci-fi titles after and some particularly on the nose foreshadowing about alien abduction the concert begins in earnest. Silverstein doesn’t seem out of practice despite the lack of live performances happening in the last year  and they manage to project a nice performance style energy from behind the lens of various dynamic camera angles. Towards the end the spookiness continues and segues into the second hour where we discover aliens have indeed kidnapped the band.

The group breaks the fourth wall, talking to the audience but also addresses the absurdity of the premise by pointing out continuity errors in nice little vignettes that break up the performance. There’s definitely some bad alien puns, deliberately hammy acting and little nods to the audience but these all add to the charm of the production.

Props to Silverstein for putting this together, it’s definitely something that showcases the band as human beings (ignore extraterrestrial context), just doing something a little bit silly and nice for their fans. They could have easily just released a livestream concert and charged 20 dollars a head, but instead they’ve delivered something that goes that extra mile to lighten the mood in a pretty tense and miserable situation. As the first concert I’ve “attended” since live music has all but shut down, it really is a welcome breath of fresh air.

 At the time of writing the final part  trilogy is scheduled for release on the 21st February so in true episodic, radio sci-fi announcer style; you’ll have to tune in next week for the exciting conclusion!

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Article by Theo Wildgoose

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