Reviewed – The Wraiths – Only You Know

Rating – 3.5/5

‘Only You Know’ is the debut single from Yorkshire based outfit The Wraiths. Incorporating several different styles into the track, it’s a mix of psychedelic stoner rock, grunge and even a sprinkling of rockabilly surf for good measure.

The fuzzy guitar solo invokes the desert psych stylings of Queens of The Stone Age et al, whilst the cleaner passages incorporate a healthy mix of heavier riffs and twinkly, clean tremolo.

Stylistically, the vocal work matches the flavour of the track but the emphasis on some lines is lost towards the end of certain passages. SImilarly, it can occasionally sound too strained but having said that it is certainly solid overall. 

The rhythm section does a good job of setting the pace, with a nice mix of driving heavier passages, but managing to maintain a relaxed feel in the more downbeat verses.

In terms of songwriting, the track combines a lot of familiar tropes of various genres, but manages to create something that stands apart; there’s certainly a healthy dose of originality in the piecing together of it’s various influences.

‘Only You Know’ is a great debut for the group, it sets the tone nicely for their future releases with a promising outlook.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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