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Rating – 4.5/5



Sitting on music that is recorded and ready to be released is obviously a frustrating ordeal. Benji Wild, from Cardiff, has finally presented the world with his excellent new single “On Job”. A piece of art that blends modern grime and electronic elements with thick and impactful metal-inspired guitar licks. The single, instrumentally and lyrically, combines melodic and mellow elements with aggression and a threatening atmosphere providing an educated and elegant juxtaposition of sounds and emotions throughout.

Benji carved a name for himself in the grime punk crossover group Astroid Boys where his impressive MC skills and energetic performances caught the attention of fans from a wide variety of music scenes. This track will absolutely capture the attention of those who were entertained and intrigued by Benjis’ creativity in the past, as the Hardcore inspired grime artist is truly back doing what he does best.

This comeback single from the Welsh MC truly reminds us why such limitless potential was spotted in the performer in the past. Benji is back in his element surrounded by trap beats and an aggressive guitar to set the scene for his lyrics to be displayed and absorbed by fans.

To accompany the track Benji has crafted a very powerful music video to highlight the recent protests that took place in Cardiff following the death of Mohamud Mohammed Hassan, who sadly died just hours after being in police custody. 

“On Job” is a great return from a musician that should absolutely be involved with the current UK music scene. Benji Wild is a creative talent with a lot more content on the horizon, which is ideal as “On Job” will definitely leave you ready and wanting more.

Review by Rob Kent

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