Reviewed – Greysha – Aspirin

Rating – 4/5

Aspirin, the latest single by Greysha, sees the Shropshire based singer bring a darkly compelling track that makes you want to listen more than once.

It’s got a mid-nineties trip hop vibe that’s hard not to love, not only in it’s nostalgia but also the fact that it’s well done. Not a hastily thrown together pastiche but a faintly menacing strut through a noir soundscape that inexorably draws you on.

The pop-esque vocals are exquisitely haunting and blend to perfection with the synths that pervade the track. It manages to avoid the self cliche and doesn’t delve too deeply into a vampire movie soundtrack gothic for gothic’s sake. It maintains integrity and honesty.

There’s an attitude of the control and power of the female over the male and the contemptuous ending of “Take an aspirin when I leave” could not be any more of a withering put down if it tried.

The texture and pace are great too, with the background rhythm of the percussive sound effects and the interspersed sections of clocks, slight melody and then rolling in together with the every enthralling vocal.

‘I wrote Aspirin about the expectations of what lovers/people think I am or want me to be: pretty, submissive, theirs and theirs only. This song is about not being owned by anyone, exploring the fact that when people act like they can behave how they want and expect me to be there waiting, I won’t be. ‘Aspirin’ is a gospel of reclaiming my power. I want my  listeners to feel empowered, and reach out to that inner dark beauty when they listen to Aspirin.’ 

For a second single this is more than promising. Keep an eye on this one.

Review by Jim Clinch

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