Reviewed – Five O Fives – Something To Do

Rating – 4/5

Something to Do is the second single from Five O Fives, a West Midlands based indie foursome. The group got together in 2019 and released their first single in Dec 2020, “Through the Darkness”.

“Something to Do” was penned in November 2019, ostensibly about going out with your friends drinking, and the almost inevitable regret the next day over the following hangover.

That’s the official blurb but lyrically it’s a bit more on the dark side. It feels that the night before isn’t the greatest of fun times, let alone the hangover part. “Drinking to forget”, “feels like I’ve lost another round”, “so I’ve gone down and I’ve hit the floor”. Hardly painting the halcyon days of youthfully exuberant drinking.

It does have that jolly juxtaposition with a very clean, upbeat melody contrasting with the dark lyric, and if you’ll forgive this interpretation, a somewhat haunting vocal.

Take the lyrics away and you could well have a hit from the 90s in the vein of the Wannadies or even, and this isn’t going to sound complimentary, but Hanson.  Damning with faint praise this isn’t. The guitar is clean, happy and uplifting and with that classic tone and sound you get from that particular time in British music. Combine that with the lyrics and vocals and you’ve got something interesting and noteworthy.

At only 2 and half minutes (2.33 to be exact) it doesn’t labour the point but hits just the right note. It makes its point well, and moves off on it’s way again. If only more things did that these days. Not forgetting that it evokes a time where things were simpler. You could go out and drink and be depressed. Now we only get to do that at home.

Seriously though, this is a group that is 100% worth checking out, in fact I’m digging out their first single as we speak. I suggest you do the same, and hopefully they’ll be back at the Actress and Bishop at some point before the summer is over and we’re back in another winter of discontent.

Review by Jim Clinch

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