Reviewed – Total Massacre – Get Rich Or Try Dying

Rating – 4/5


This is exactly the kind of single the world needs in 2021, let alone 2020.

It’s pure apocalyptic, fire and brimstone, full blooded, piss and vinegar punk. Straight out of the 80’s, kick Reagan and Thatcher into a ditch and set them on fire Punk Rock.

Southern California punks Total Massacre, are a self-described band of “anti-fascist, anti-racist, anti-capitalists” and boy have they hit the nail on the head.

Of the track, singer Cap’n No-Fun says, “Get Rich or Try Dying started like most of our songs do, with a suggestion for a funny song title (this time from our drummer Tommy) combined with the unshakeable sense that literally everything has been fundamentally stacked against us. So not exactly new territory for us as far as songwriting goes but I feel like this one does a good job honing in on one of the really important points that I think is pretty important, and all too easily overlooked: That our lives are the commodity that is being bought and sold.”

This is a song that highlights the general sense that capitalism and previous generations are failing the current one. It also covers the much more recent darker sense that even in a global pandemic, the people are still being exploited mercilessly. When billionaire corporate giants make a killing in a pandemic and yet the people have to resort to food banks and charity, you can see why there’s music like this.

Vocally Cap’n No-Fun channels Lee Ving of punk band Fear with his high speed, high vitriol delivery that I swear you have to slow down to have a hope of understanding.

The guitar and drums fly along at a similar break neck speed and the track only manages to last 1 minute and 40 seconds. Lyrically you’re looking at a full 4 minute track’s worth so don’t feel cheated, it’s genuinely that fast.

Obviously only take this one for a spin if you’ve got that mentality and that desire to relive punk before the pop part got added in. If not, it’s not really your thing. But maybe it should be?

Review by Jim Clinch

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