Reviewed – Belowski – 2020 Ball Drop

Rating – 0/5

With this as the opening blurb:

Spoken word artist. Playwright. Author. Stand-up comic. BELOWSKY has been many things throughout his rich and varied career.

However, in something of a first for the Mancunian-born star, he is teaming up with ALAN McGEE to release a new single on the Creation 23 label: ‘2020 Ball Drop’.

I couldn’t help but feel a rising trepidation at what was about to unfold.

Hmmmm. I’ll start by dredging up that old chestnut “jack of all trades, master of none” and follow it up by saying how genuinely rare it is to find a true polymath. Not just in this day and age but in the whole of human history.  Therefore it is less of a surprising conclusion that we haven’t found one here.

I imagined I’d write this review saying that if they had cut out the music and left the no doubt pithy observations of this annus horribilis to stand on their own it would have been a much more successful venture.

I’d have only been partially correct.

Yes, leave out the music. It’s dire. It sounds like the background music from a scrolling shoot em up game from the late 80s. The vocal effects render the words largely unintelligible and absolutely irritating as fuck to listen to.

But the words are largely irrelevant too. There has been much discourse about the whys and wherefores of the wonder of a year that was 2020. Some of the finest literary minds still alive have penned riveting and insightful discourse concerning the last 12 months and to be honest, this is not among that rarified group.

If I confess I stopped listening at around the 2 minute 30 mark then you can blame me for not giving it a true chance and hearing it to it’s potentially life affirming conclusion.

Try it for yourself. You may just give me a medal for making it that far.

Avoid at all costs. Like everything else left to us by 2020. Oh, and just in case, wash your hands.

Review by Jim Clinch

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