Podcast Launch – Episode One – Casey Cavaliere

Here at Faultline Social we have launched a brand new podcast. Click here to listen to the podcast on Spotify.

Casey Cavaliere, the guitarist for Philadelphia pop-punk outfit The Wonder Years is our first guest and he talked to Faultline about his formative musical experiences, his time with the band and more recently his work with True Level Studio as a producer, engineer and songwriter.

With a bass playing dad, and a grandfather with an eye for composition; Casey was introduced to music from an early age.

C: “A piano eventually found its way to the house that I grew up in.There was always something to tinker with. My parents were highly supportive of that…It wasn’t any sort of a rebellious angst, so to speak, that got me into music”

Despite this apparent lack of angst, it didn’t stop Casey going on to create powerful, sad and even, yes even angry punk music with The Wonder Years. Playing the trombone was the next port of call:

C: “I guess I picked the trombone because I thought it was interesting.I love it as far as my affinity for a lot of third wave ska. Whether it’s Less Than Jake songs, Five Iron Frenzy…horns can be cool. From a textual standpoint, the colour that different instruments can bring; horns were that for me”

Moving on to guitar from there opened up a new world of playing outside of a jazz band setting. Armed with a four track recorder, a drum kit and a guitar he and his friends went about writing and recording songs from an early age. He even had the opportunity to work with seasoned musicians, most notably instrumental rock and fusion guitarist; Greg Howe.

C: “I found my way into a place where a couple of those songs were taken and recut by…from my perspective…a real, professional band…seasoned musicians and pros. Hearing those songs that I had worked on with Greg Howe…that was kind of the moment that you heard something go from an unplugged guitar in the bedroom, being taken to the next level, made into something real”

The band recently released two singles ‘Brakeless’ and ‘Out on my Feet’; tracks which were written  in the style of their third studio album ‘Suburbia I’ve Given You All and Now I’m Nothing’; 

C: “It was an amazing experience, and an amazing amount of fun for us…wholly gratifying and a fun look back on everything too. These ideas were formulated during that time period, with lyrics referential to that time…but we also tried to make it sound current with our approach to production and what we’ve learned and come to know.”

More recently Casey has taken his background in production and writing and focused it on the running of True Level Studio; as he sees it a natural progression of a genuine love and interest in making music.

C: “It started as a general curiosity of ‘Man how did they get it to sound like that?’. At first you’re fixated on ‘that song’s awesome’…but then I think at a certain point you start writing things and then demo-ing them…it snowballs from there. It stems from that curiosity…why doesn’t my guitar sound like the guitar from my favourite rock record?”

The interview closed with Casey expressing looking forward to a return to normalcy away from the current climate and the pandemic of 2020. Our future hopefully holds,more records, more tours, more gigs and more opportunities to connect with each other through music.

C: “The UK has always been our second home for a number of reasons. We will of course be back, we can’t wait and are excited to see everybody again”

The Fautline podcast has been created to work alongside the online magazine. Musicians will join our team as we call artists from all over the globe from our home in Birmingham England as we discuss our guests creative influences, processes and development. We will continue to create unqiue and enjoyable content for our readers with the expansion of the podcast, freeing the press with each episode. Thank you once again for your continued support and committment to Faultline Social. Be sure to follow the podcast and keep up to date with every episode.

Listen to the podcast here.

Article by Theo Wildgoose

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