Reviewed – Graywave – Like Heaven

Rating – 4.5/5

In the first single from her debut EP, Graywave explores a progressing sound pallete but still keeps her style from previous releases with effortless fluidity.

‘Like Heaven’ is a fully immersive listening experience. The production quality is very high, and the inclusion of hard-hitting drums along with more grunge -style guitar parts fits the sound perfectly. Combining these elements with the signature Graywave ambient, dreamy vocal creates a real depth to the song, which you only appreciate more with every listen.

There would appear to be a mix of 80s style synths and 90s grunge elements which both make a really nice match for the vocal. The guitar parts add the ambience of the piece and act as a bed for the shoegazey vocals to sit with. The studio recorded drums are a great addition to the Graywave sound, adding to this slightly darker, eerie vibe.

‘Like Heaven’ starts beautifully slowly, building in texture toward a very ‘heaven like’ opening chorus. This start ties ‘Like Heaven’ fluently to previous release ‘With Me’. The lead guitar adding a really nice, subtle melody. The verses are a nice step back from the chorus, keeping the energy of the song but always making you want the drums to come back and slap you in the face.

My favourite aspect of the song is the last third. The mood shifts into a more angsty, emotive driven pace, again reinforced by the energy and aggression of the drums. The vocals take a slight back seat to the instruments in this section, but to great effect. The track feels massive at this point and ends perfectly with you craving more. Encompassing a ‘Balance and composure’ esque vibe, which would all to obviously be great to experience live.

If this track is a taster of what’s to come from the EP, then I am very excited to hear what Graywave has instore. There is an awful lot of potential with this sound, and it’s already possible to see her progression over these 6 songs from the last couple of years.

If the debut EP ‘Planetary Shift’ is as appropriately titled as ‘Like Heaven’, then we are all in for a treat.

Review by Louis Doran

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