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Rating – 3.5/5




Limbo is the latest release by the New Jersey three piece ‘Indighxst’ formed of vocalist Wesley Ayala, guitarist/producer Denly Morriset and bassist Bryan Quiroga. 

Limbo is Indighxst’s first release in 2020, having had a small break from releasing music due to Covid 19. The song perfectly encapsulates what this band is about, and is a perfect comeback from them.

The song opens with a smoothly compressed clean guitar line and airy synths, setting the scene beautifully and creating the emo sounding atmosphere that Indighxts do so well. This builds to meet a nicely produced simple electronic drum line and melodic vocal line that makes the perfect intro to the track. This vocal line continues and begins to rise in pitch, and underneath this the chuggy guitars and drums are introduced, and this is when we see the Issues influence really start to sneak in. This builds to the point of an Oceans Ate Alaska style instrumental pattern which drops out and leaves the beautiful empty space and clean guitar we heard at the start of the track. This then becomes the chorus, in which Ayala continues the higher register vocals in a very Issues style. A little later in the song we hear what is almost a breakdown, but it is toned back. They definitely had the opportunity in this section to really go balls out but they didn’t, and I think that was a clever choice for them. It seems almost a shame not to hear some harsher vocals alongside this part, but the juxtaposition of clean and heavy that the band use a lot works here just as well.

The song as a whole ticks a lot of boxes for the listener, but definitely leaves us wanting more. This is not necessarily a bad thing, it just leaves things open for their next release (whenever that may be). Indighxst manage to stick to quite a common sound for this track while not coming across as generic, the professional execution of the sound carries the song.

Lyrically this track is tapping into some very deep topics, and the band are not afraid to open themselves up. The song is about singer Wesley Ayala’s struggle with substances and depression, and his journey to overcoming this. Talking about the track, Ayala says:

‘Sometimes when you’re thinking about your past struggles, it’s easy to get stuck in negativity, especially with songs like these. Now I take it as a reminder of how far I’ve come. I can separate the past from the present a lot better.’

Overall this track is a nice follow on for Indighxst, and leaves the door open for them to take whatever road they want to go down next.

Review by Fynn Gillions

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