Reviewed – The Losing Score – Eat Floor, High Fibre

Rating – 4.5/5

Band photos taken by Sarah Maiden

A quote from Batman Returns. AKA ‘the best Christmas film’… which is another beautiful example of The Losing Score’s superbly unique song titles and their light-hearted personalities shining through into their uplifting music.

The first thing that struck me about this record is just how good The Losing Score sound; both in terms of production and themselves as a band. It seems over 2020 with the release of their second EP ‘Closed For Season’ and now this single, the band have really refined and polished their sound into something that captures their character and cuts through to the listener. A key part of The Losing Scores sound is the intricate pauses, accents and changes of mood in sections, which is something this track absolutely nails. I found myself completely forgetting that `Selina Kyle’ was the subject matter for the chorus as I was too busy enjoying the guitar tone and changing drum tempos. This beautifully counters the short, playful instrumental breaks of pure joy and palpable fun. You can tell right away this is a song that’s going to be great to witness live and so much enjoyment is going to be shared with others screaming about Batman.


Sonically, this song sounds really precise. The guitars are so cohesive but give the drums enough room to carry the energy of the track. Vocally, Brodie hasn’t sounded better. The harmonies are subtle but very effective, and the group vocal sections add so much to their sound. The Losing Score has said ‘Eat Floor’ was “Produced by Sam Bloor at Lower Lane Studios, and he’s done a sick job”, to which I must agree. 

The track starts with an anthemic build, which gives way to the synchronised guitar and drum ¾ beat. The vocals come into the first verse with the charming reflection of a first-person experience. The track nicely makes room for the vocals but keeps you expecting the return of the thunderous opening vibe for the chorus. The vibe of the opening seems to be predominantly despair, but a really nice chord sequence changes this up a lot for the listener; ranging from sad emo kid in his room to full aggression, to slight optimism. 

The chorus has the most ridiculous hook, in a good way. For the past few days, I’ve had “If you can be my Selina Kyle” spinning through my head. The chorus however does not have an annoying repetition to it, quickly taking us through to a fun and really ‘boppy’ few phrases. This is surely a sign of good song writing, and something which The Losing Score could almost consider a trademark by now.

I have really enjoyed listening to this song on so many levels. It doesn’t get tiresome with more and more listens, it’s constantly changing and you notice new parts on every listen. In a year of so much severity, having a song that doesn’t take itself so seriously is wonderfully refreshing. I can’t wait to hear this one live when gigs are a thing again, and hear the man standing next to me singing about Batman. I also cannot wait to hear more from these boys now it feels they’ve really honed their sound.

Review by Wesley Snipes

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