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Young punk enthusiasts “The Off Beats” end the year of a note of true British energy with their latest track enttled “Over it”. A track where the Litchfeild based band have showed their true potential and if they hit the drawing board in the new year with a slightly reworked approach to their creativity, the band will be received in the most accurate way possible and get the recognition they truly deserve.

The track opens with a intriguing guitar line that is immediately gripping, paying homage to bands such as Saves The Day and gives an inside to the wide range of influences these young musicians have taken hold of.

The vocals enter with an intrusive passion and they make a fantastic impact. Like every punk band should contain, The Off Beats have a great vocalist. Owen Smith proves himself immediately as a musician who has a lot to say and makes a true presence with his vocal delivery. When live music becomes a part of life again, it is guaranteed Smith will be leading The Off Beats on a successful path, captivating audiences wherever they play.

However, the production really does appear to not complement the genre at this point. The musicianship is solid from the whole band and the content of the track is truly enjoyable, but the levels in the mix do not do this energetic punk display any favours. The vocals are so much louder than the rest of the band, this could almost be an audiobook. It would have been nice to hear the instruments and vocals working as a full body of sounds, with specifically the bass strings, snare and kick being more prominent. This is solid songwriting, it is just not mixed like a true old school sounding punk band should be.

“Over It” showcases brilliant display of aggressive attitude and every key ingredient to produce a great punk track. The Off Beats are a band with all that is needed to be on the frontline of the latest UK wave of punk music, but they need to transfer their live to record with more accuracy. This track features some fantastic guitar work that will absolutely get a crowd moving and rhythm section that is very solid and provides a great foundation for Smith to display his raw and gripping vocals. The screamed backing vocals also sound fantastic and add an element of post-hardcore to the music which is a very modern and nice addition to the track, proving this band are versatile and willing to experiment with their sound.

The Off Beats have done a superb job with this song. This young promising band are on track for a strong future if they continue to create music that is consistent and and honest. The band really should work on how their sound is presented in the production, but that is bands really only issue. The aggression, energy and passion is all there and punk music is absolutely alive 2020, who knew it was being made in Litchfeild.

Review by Rob Kent

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