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Creating new music and progressing forward as an artist can come with its changes. Projecting your new creativity to the world can leave an artist with some reflection. Grace Keeling experienced exactly this and now resides under the name "Greysha" allowing her to portray her life experiences and storytelling in music the most organic way she can. "Greysha" is an evolution of an artist that knows what she wants out of music and has her goals clearly set and will absolutely achieve them. "Greysha" is here to stay and her music is a creative display that you should be absolutely paying attention to.

What inspired a name change?

I felt like I wanted to create an artistic vision, and I wanted to separate myself and who I am personally with it. I wanted my personal life and my art to be separate. Whilst I am what I create, I see ‘Greysha’ as another part of me, but not ‘Grace Keeling’. 

Do you feel the new name and identity better suits the music you are working on?

Yes, definitely! Whilst I’d still explore the same themes under the name ‘Grace Keeling’, I feel like I can fully portray the story I want under the name ‘Greysha’. I have also learnt SO much and evolved as an artist this year. Learning how to record properly, improving my writing and learning about myself and love. Along with learning how to build websites, which was soul destroying.

With Spotify and streaming platforms being the most popular way to absorb music in the modern age, do you feel people’s attention span has deteriorated with so much music being readily available?

I think it’s just a different way of things- I feel like the music itself is becoming less of a main priority in isolation. Because music is so readily available and usually free, branding, media, content and connection with the listener I think is the way forward. It is very hard to capture people’s attention purely off the music nowadays.

What is “Graysha” here to prove? Does the new name mean that your music contains features it couldn’t possess before?

Greysha is an exploration of love, being and growing up. I feel like I can perhaps take a step away from my personal self and explore themes that are relevant to my vision. 

Does having the name “Greysha” allow you to break boundaries within yourself and not feel so exposed? Is there an element of getting into character as such?

Yes almost, as I said before I feel like ‘Greysha’ is another part of me, so it allows me to explore things that are beneath surface level.

How has your formula for songwriting changed over time?

It’s pretty much stayed the same, I will usually start off with writing down the lyrics, and then find a chordal progression. Although sometimes I create a guitar hook or melody and I write off that!

How important is lyrical content for you? Do you use lyrics as a personal outlet or do you write lyrics by taking influence from other creatives?

Personally, lyrical content is probably the most important asset in my music. For me, music is about connecting with the listener and creating a story or vision for others to experience in the form of a song. Without lyrics, music wouldn’t mean much to me. In terms of outlet, sometimes I write (usually poems or phrases) in the notes of my phone for my own satisfaction, and these, most of the time, inspire me to write lyrics about that theme. I usually write about my personal experiences and emotions but add a story or theme to it.

What is your biggest problem with the music industry and why?

I am new in the industry, and so far there isn’t anything that I necessarily have a problem with. I don’t find that there’s a problem with the industry, it’s just that, what I’ve found so far, is that you are the only one who can get yourself anywhere. No qualification, course or guideline can. You can’t change the industry, but you can change the way you approach it. 

Interview by Rob Kent

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