Reviewed – Cat SFX – Doom Generation

Rating – 3.5/5

Cat SFX’s track ‘Doom Generation’ is a dark pop track with some heavier sounding  influences in the vein of NIN, Placebo et al. It’s a classic “rage against” track, exploring social and political issues. In Cat’s own words:

Doom Generation is a commentary on my personal experiences of mental health issues, big pharmaceutical companies and their “cures”; the massive pressure that’s put on my generation by social media and a reality TV culture that dislocates us from our feelings.”

A heavy kick drum intro with a fuzz octave riff sets the scene for a bleak industrial sounding rock track and the low vocal delivery is straight out of the 90s female rocker playbook. The chorus by comparison is uplifting and provides some clear contrast and Cat demonstrates her clear vocal ability holding together the lower verses and contrasting them nicely in the poppier chorus sections. 

The deliberately repetitive vocals in the bridge exude an almost robotic quality, nicely reflecting the content of the lyrics; in fact ‘Doom Generation’ demonstrates a lot of nice variation dynamically.

A polished and well realised effort, ‘Doom Generation’ is a bleak Gen X revival for a modern audience; but hey don’t take my word for it, the track has already been featured on Soccer AM’s goal montage. Here’s hoping for a promotion to Match of the Day in the near future.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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