Reviewed – St Peters Dream – What Molly Wants

Rating – 3/5

‘What Molly Wants’ is the latest single from Reading band St Peter’s Dream; forged from the irrepressible Britpop mold it’s an upbeat indie, disco track that’s big on energy but lacking some depth in other areas. 

The ambience is set with a synth swell and the introduction of spacey, reverb on the guitars which quickly introduces a high tempo verse. Once the pace is set it’s fairly relentless with the energy staying high throughout the track.

The chorus is simple and uses repetition in the vocals, clearly gearing it towards a feel-good, sing along type of track that’s probably best experienced live alongside a crowd shouting back at you. The simplicity works especially well given the confidence, conviction and energy of lead singer Travis’ vocal delivery.

The rhythm section does an especially good job of driving the track, but it’s a shame that most of the responsibility comes down to the drums with the bass sounding rather flat in the mix by comparison. A punchy, twangy bass line would’ve really added some depth especially in the sparser sections of the verse.

The refrain is a nice inclusion that really cements this track’s identity as a high energy, sing along opener. Named as BBC Introducing Berkshire’s Ones To Watch 2020, the group certainly deserve the accolade, here’s hoping they can continue to produce good quality, feel good tunes.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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