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F.F.O : Wolf Alice, Royal Blood, Garbage, Turbo Wolf

Modern rock from Cardiff is a simplistic way to state the identification of Mawpit. The Welsh trio are a tight unit. They quite clearly have music embedded in their daily desires and it shows in their latest and debut single; “Nature’s Curse”. A debut single from a British rock band is an event and unfolding that is so common. Young people inspired by the founding fathers of Britain’s finest musical exports take hold of their own instruments and attempt to make their dream a reality, or at least achieve some form of success. A rat race essentially. Many fail and just blend in with the crowd of un-talented attempts. However, Mawpit are different, they show promise and paint an engaging display of interesting ideas that are generally laced with talent and show just how educated this trio is. Mawpits debut single is absolutely a track you should be investing your time into this summer. They are not your usual new British band. They are the fresh air that every new British band should strive for.

“Nature’s Curse” lyrically does exactly what it says on the tin. Taking inspiration for their lyrics from tragic and recent bushfires in Australia, they have truly expressed their fears that everybody shares. A truly Punk stand out point to bring to the surface of each line the topic of climate change and bring such a sensitive subject to a prominent viewpoint. Written from the viewpoint of mother nature as a ballad for her humans. As heard in the line “‘Your greed will be the death of you, and you’ll be the death of me” showing just how the band has stepped out of an area of comfort and pushed their lyrical and songwriting abilities from day one. If Mawpit continues with this momentum they could absolutely rise above the rest in no time.

The production is solid and strives in clarity. Every texture and element has its own sonic space and binds together nicely in the mix. The dry front row setting of the guitars and drums adds some great raw energy at a fantastic presence throughout the whole track providing a great stage for the melodies and fluctuating techniques to shine. Meaning the listener can really become one with the momentum of the instruments for the whole duration of the single. The reverb on the vocals works well and further compliments the production. They are caught in an almost dreamy haze at the back of the mix but are still clear and are balanced nicely with the rest of the instrumentation. 

Overall, for a debut single this is excellent. The songwriting is solid and the band are quite clearly talented with a genuine vision to take a punk standpoint but mold it with a surge of grunge and modern British rock. Although some sections are slightly repetitive and drumming could be more creative, adjustments are sure to be made as Mawpit progresses with their craft. Indulge in this song for a pleasant and energetic listening experience from a young band that is full of promise. Mawpit incorporates everything that is engaging about modern rock music and combined with the standout ideologies of the past and on first listen, you would never guess this a debut single from a young, fresh British band. Mawpit is a band to watch and pay attention to.

Review by Rob Kent

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