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Rating – 4.5/5

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“I Can Be” is the new single from Bryony Williams. The Wolverhampton native marks her move to Beth Shalom records with this, her first single from her upcoming EP State I’m In. The single lands on July 1st but you’ll have to wait until the 25th of September for the EP.

Unfortunately, it looks like a long wait. If “I Can Be” is anything to go by you’re going to want to get your hands on “State I’m In” sooner rather than later.

The track has an upbeat and inspiring feel throughout and highlights the message of letting yourself go, having fun, and being who you are, in the midst of external frustration and turmoil. Or as Bryony, herself puts it “The meaning of the song came from my own frustrations and fears of the future, while also consciously taking myself on a journey; to flesh out that inner confidence and to own who you are. You’re going to uncover and encourage parts of your personality that let you feel like your authentic and badass self. My summary: be you, have fun, and to hell with what others may think.”

Musically it falls into the happy space between rock and indie, which while often aimed at, few seem to hit with any reliable success. Bryony nails it. Her pleasing and warm vocals are a delight and when it’s played out over a joyous blend of heavy rhythm and light guitar it’s a clear winner.

The track doesn’t overstay its welcome and carries itself along with pace and texture. As mentioned above its positivity shines through and it’s as far from morose and navel-gazing as it’s possible to get. At the risk of deriding the pop music world, it doesn’t fall into a cliche of shout out chorus or catchy little scraps of lyrics one can shout. It feels like what it is, a song written by someone feeling what is pouring through the lyrics. Music by the committee this ain’t.

All the way through to the abrupt end you’re carried along on the journey and it’s a good ride. There are enough changes and nuances with the guitar and the vocal interplay leaving you wanting more by the time the end does come.

In a time when positivity seems to be in deathly short supply, this is an oasis of it in the desert of modern life. Definitely check out the single on July 1st and let’s hold out for the EP together.

Review by Jim Clinch

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