Reviewed- The Ghost of Helags – Chemistry

Rating – 3/5

Hailing from Sweden but resident in Berlin, The Ghost of Helags are singer-songwriter and producer duo Teresa Woischiski and John Alexander Ericson. Musically they are the perfect blend of home and adopted home. Their new single Chemistry has got the softer soothing Scandinavian side and the darker, harder Germanic undertones.

Have you ever taken a drive at night where the world outside seems to be dormant and you are the only people out there? When the weather draws in and it seems to isolate you as you travel through the void? This is the soundtrack of that journey. Funnily enough that’s exactly when and how it was written. A night time, fog ridden drive from Vienna to Prague. The streets were largely empty, few cars on the road, fog all around. The artists themselves described it as driving through outer space. Recorded very soon after in their hotel room, the feel of the journey hadn’t been washed out by too much time having passed. This gives the track it’s immediacy and maintains the, for want of a better word, spooky ambience.

The soulful vocal sits over the darker thrumming bass and you could imagine it being on the soundtrack for films like Ex Machina or similar dystopian sci-fi. Not damning with faint praise here, it encapsulates that post industrial futuristic vibe perfectly, and the vocal gives it that essential human quality. There’s elements that filter in and out but the bass and the vocals are the key focal points that the other elements seem to bleed in and out of. There isn’t a lot of deviation from these key themes but this is playing to its strengths rather than flogging a dead horse or over labouring the theme. Its bass line is the train that takes you from A to B but the vocal is the view out the window. If you’ll permit another journey comparison. Absolutely worth a look if synth pop is your thing and best of all no waiting as it’s out now.

Review by Jim Clinch

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