Reviewed – Graywave – With me

Rating – 4/5

Graywave is a name you that would come to mind when considering who has been confidently producing some fundamental and excellent displays of Shoegaze in recent times. However, Jess Webberly has made her return and has crafted a dream-pop classic that should be a listening priority this summer and forever. Escapism is the key. Escapism is an art and what music should provide. “With me” provides nothing but transportation and a fantasizing display of musical energy and shows just how good Graywave has become. Jess has successfully progressed as an artist and a songwriter and this is clearly shown in this track. This single is excellent, listen to it soon as you get a chance.

A textured walking line sets the scene and adds a prominent and distant atmosphere to the song. The reverb used is done very tastefully with the accented notes coming through clearly to balance with the creamy texture of the continuous guitar notes. The drums enter with a triplet based pattern that is performed tastefully. Although the opened hi-hat note does jump out and appears to be slightly harsh in the mix, the rhythm section is introduced nicely and adds the ideal pace for the guitars and vocals to work around.

The vocals seeing varied melodies and dynamics used and Webberlys voice is almost meant for this style. The vocal tone provided and what the vocalist is capable of immediately teleports the listeners to a haze of imagination when laced in the vocal effects. Jess knows how to complement sounds and textures in her music and this first verse is a fine example. When the vocal re-enters however the lack of lyrics does slightly come to light but when the true artistic vision is viewed, to use the vocals as an instrument for a section of the track shows this is incredibly clever and allows for the additional guitars and synth to build and take their place in the track. Giving each element its time in the sun. Only fitting as Webberly is the brains of the whole operation, allowing her to express the true intent of the song in every musical way she can.

The mysteriousness found in the continuous building is a pleasure to listen to and indulge in. The single never fails to stay intriguing, despite what may slightly appear like some repetitive ideas it is actually the opposite. The progressive approach in this writing combined with the idea of the song acting as a portal to transport has absolutely been achieved and is a combination of motions that have met in unison for a creative achievement. When analyzed, every note and feature used in this track is intelligent and appropriate. The addition of new elements in Graywaves music such as the synth and additional bass shows that Jess knows to evolve and has provided herself with a promising future ahead.

“With Me” is a great track that should be played endlessly this summer. Whether that is walking home from the bus stop at 12pm, riding your bike through an endless greenfield, drinking beers in a garden or sitting on Beach in Devon “With Me” is so versatile for any listener of music in any location The track will provide a journey through sonic space in a pair of headphones and leave each and every person who dives into the track wanting more.

Review by Rob Kent

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