Hate is Easy

Hate is easy.

Hate is brilliant. 

Have you tried it?

You don’t have to think too hard about any of it!

There are no facts to remember, you don’t have to have a big argument about it, it just is.

I can tell as many people about it as I like and then I can keep it as secret as I like too.

Anything I’ve not got, anything I wanted but couldn’t get, anything my life is missing?

It’s their fault!

Not mine.

I knew it wasn’t me all along but having someone else to blame is so much easier!

The best part though?

It’s been going on for years and years. You can find it almost anywhere you like.

I mean mostly we aren’t supposed to say too much about it but it doesn’t really matter because when it comes down to it we get away with it anyway.

There’s always someone else we can blame. Yeah, that guy might have been a decent person but I’m sure we can stir something up and blame someone else.

What do you mean where do I find the person to blame?

I don’t do it!

Everyone else does it for me!

Who? Everyone!

The government, the police, the media, everyone’s doing it.

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. There must be other people that don’t agree.

There are loads, and they don’t agree. But guess what? They don’t do anything about it!

They look away, they turn their heads and we just carry on regardless.

What about the government, the police, and the media?

Well, that’s the best part. For every voice that says it’s wrong, we’ve got a voice that says we’re right. For every voice that says we’re wrong there’s someone else who’ll stand by and let it happen.

What do I get out of it?


I mean just loads.

Like what?

Well I mean I’m no better off in terms of money or anything. That’s for the rich but that’s to be expected.

No, I’m not seen as better in any way. I mean the more you talk about it the more people turn their heads away or ignore me but they don’t actually do anything.

Do I feel better? What kind of question is that!?

Not as such but how am I to feel better if they are out there making my life worse. Like I said it’s them not me.

What do you mean? How do they make my life worse?

Well I mean they take our jobs or something, don’t they?

It’s them that make all the crime and it was much better before them.

What? Well, no I haven’t been robbed, or attacked or beaten up or anything.

But there’s so many in prison I mean it’s got to mean something right?

What? Yeah like I said the police are like I explained. The ones like me do what they like and the ones that aren’t like me back them up or don’t say anything.

Well yeah, I suppose that would mean more of them get arrested but still, numbers don’t lie do they?

Sometimes it feels like it’s all going to change but it never does. It’s funny the more some people get quoted and the more things that get done and change the more it works in our favor.


Well, it’s simple. The more we can make it look like it’s over the less and fewer people do to stop it happening. It’s so clever. We can make it look like something has been done with a few slogans and whatever and then it all goes back to normal.

What do you mean it’s changed?


Look at the President! You tell me there’s progress for them and that’s the guy in charge!

Look at the Police! There are cops that have had so many complaints against them and they carry on regardless. They’re not even sacked let alone sent to prison!

Look at the South! We’ve even called them racist for calling us racist!

It’s mad right.

But that’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, the whole system is set up to allow us to do it. It doesn’t matter if there’s a war. We lost one and it didn’t change a thing. Ok so slavery isn’t a thing anymore but that’s another part where we’re clever. We don’t own anyone but we let the government do it instead. Blame them for drugs, keep them poor and keep them locked up and it makes no difference.

Yeah, they got a president but look at what happened there. We did everything we could to stop him changing things and then the moment we were back in we changed it all back, or worse!

You can’t even impeach us now, we’ve stopped all that too!


Well yeah I had more money before and the healthcare thing was useful but that was wrong don’t you get it?

We can’t be all socialist now with us getting free stuff all the time. 

Ok so yeah I guess it’s not free as I pay taxes so…

What do you mean we get less and pay more tax now?

Well, maybe but I’m sure there’s a good reason for that somewhere.

Will you stop making this so complicated man?

You’ve missed the best part. I don’t have to think. I don’t have to get into all the boring political stuff. I don’t have to ask questions or find things out. This is just better, right?

Poem by James Clinch

One thought on “Hate is Easy

  1. i love that this poem reveals how disconnected the hateful people are. they are so far gone and pacified that they don’t even notice when they are ruining their own futures (better healthcare) because they are blinded by the hate and react by opposing those they hate no matter what the topic. there’s a script that they go by to excuse and blame others, yet they have no clue what they are even talking about. such a great poem, and i hope to be teaching this to my literature classes in the future.


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