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By channelling the roots of the Hardcore genre into their music, Mantlet has taken everything that made the genre so unique and perfected it into their work. Hailing from Coventry, the band have been a name for themselves and now making regular appearances in the Birmingham Hardcore scene. The talented young individuals know how to place their influences tastefully and are making music that is so easy to indulge in for fans of the Hardcore and beatdown genres. With a brand new split EP out of the band is moving at full speed and are sure to establish themselves all over the Europian continent very soon.

You are quite a new band, was it worry when forming how the scene would accept your music?

Not really, we already knew quite a few people in the local scene who are our friends. We just tried our best to write good music and share it with people, if you don’t like it, fair enough. If you do, respect.

How did the band form?

Me (Dane) and Luke who plays drums in the band have been good friends for a while and we always talked about starting a hardcore band. We jammed with a few people before the current line-up and it just didn’t click, Alec (Guitar) came along after hitting us up on Facebook and from there forward we hit it off instantly.

Hardcore has seen a huge resurgence in recent years, when did you become interested in the genre as fans and have an urge to start the band and create your own music?

For me personally, I started listening to Hardcore properly when I started secondary school. Then I started going to shows when I was 16 and then got more involved with the local scene when I was 17. Going to local shows really inspired me to create music, like I saw my friends on stage having a blast and doing what they love up and down the country for the love of Hardcore, which made me want to get out there and do it.

Who do you cite as your biggest influences?

On the new record I would say a lot of H8000 bands such as Congress. As well as other Euro staple bands such as Kickback, Arkangel, and Sentence. Also, pioneering northeast U.S. bands such as Hatebreed, Shattered Realm, Irate, Integrity, Merauder, and All Out War to name a few. Can’t also forget about your roots, Knuckledust and the legends of UKHC with Rucktion down in London pioneered UK Hardcore. It wouldn’t be what it is today without them so we all have the upmost respect for them and what they’ve done for Hardcore in the UK

How much does your new music affect how you view your past releases?

The past releases are still good material. However, we believe these two new tracks we’ve put out are our strongest and best songs yet.

You strive for a very nineties inspired Hardcore sound, what is it about this era of the genre that draws you in to incorporate it in your music?

We knew from the beginning of Mantlet that we wanted to write music in the style of 90s Metallic Hardcore as well as incorporate our own unique blend. We saw not many bands were doing it at the moment. There’s a lot of people starting bands and making music as a trend because they think it is hip and cool, that isn’t what Hardcore is about. A lot of the original 90s bands write music with passion and heart, we want to bring that energy to our music and sound. For the core.

With so much completion in the hardcore today, why do you think Mantlet has gained such great momentum so fast compared to countless other bands who sometimes fail to grow?

We’re just doing what we love, writing music, playing shows and having a good time. I don’t know, we write music for the scene , not for clout. Just keeping it real. Be yourself and let your path unfold.

Tell us about your new split EP that has just been released, how did the idea come about for this release?

We’re good friends with the lads at Nuclear Family Records down in Wales. The guys are involved in their band as well Kold War who play angry Vegan Hardcore, great dudes. They came up with the idea and we were like why not? That’s how it came to be. Not much to say but go spin that record we both put a lot of effort into it for you guys!

Coming from Coventry, where there has never really been a hardcore scene, did you see this as a challenge or was playing in the Birmingham scene always the goal to establish the band?

Not really a challenge because their is no Hardcore scene in Coventry. No challenge if there is so scene at the end of the day. Birmingham is only next door and that’s where it’s at for our local scene. Go there, play shows for the moshers, rep CVHC.

How was the songwriting process for the new songs compared to your writing in the past?

Pretty much the same as always, we get together at practice and play some riffs, if they sound tight, then it’s right. Boom, you’ve got a song!

Finally, how do you feel straight edge culture has changed in terms of acceptance and the message portrayed within lyrical content in the the modern age, compared to the stand out records from 30-40 years ago?

We are not a straight edge band. Straight edge is never about acceptance, it’s about being your best self. The real still know this and write in the same vein as the originals did in the 80s.

Interview by Rob Kent

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