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Moving forward with the times is important, but what if you could progress a genre yourself? That is the question Negative Measures have quite clearly asked themselves. With a self description of being "too punk for the hardcore kids and too hardcore for the punk kids" this band have not let anyones opinion but their own shape their band. With a brand new single to give the world entitled "Benath the ground" the band are not keeping quite and continue to create material that is innovative and an excellent example of how heavy music should be made in the modern cliamte. Tommy and Arthur from the band spoke to Faultline recently about the new single, the bands creative process and how they feel music should be viewed by fans and writers in the modern age.


Guide – Tommy (guitar) Arthur (drums)

How did Negative Measures form?
T&A: We got stoned, were listening to Sick Of It All, and decided to write what turned out to be our first song “Grave” in the kitchen. We worked our way backwards and booked a show in two weeks and then found Jack & Hannah.

Describe your sound and whom you take influence from?
Arthur: We are Neapolitan ice cream but all the flavours are punk, metal and hardcore. We take influence from all over the board. Jack is really into Springsteen type stuff, Hannah is a die-hard My Chem fan, Tommy likes The Eels, I listen to grime. We all listen to different stuff that influences us personally outside of heavy music.

How important do you feel lyrical content is these days?
Tommy: Lyrics don’t always have to be very deep, as long as they are portrayed with conviction it doesn’t really matter. At the same time though, if someones lyrical content is bland and not interesting it has the potential to ruin a whole song.

Over time music has been viewed and perceived differently from generation to generation, do you view music as a creative art form and do you channel this into your music to achieve the highest level of creative expression?
T&A: Well yeah Music IS a creative art form because you are literally creating something out of nothing no matter what it is. Music changes overtime but we’re not out here trying to write the next Cry Me A River or Kiss From a Rose or whatever, we’re just making music that we want to hear.

Tell us about your new single “Beneath The Ground”?
Arthur: Just a fun little hardcore thing, something dancey and we’ve never put out anything electronic before. I’ve always messed around with it, so it’s cool to put some out there.

How was the writing and recording process for the song?
T&A: It was written in the same kitchen that “Grave” was written in. Rob at Ford Lane let us come down to record it there this year as the song has been a thing for a while. It was really fun, he did an amazing job for a short amount of time. Then we popped it over to Bob Cooper, who is a legend, for the mastering.

The UK Hardcore has been thriving so much over the past few years, what is about Negative Measure that makes your sound stand out from the completion?
T&A: It’s great that so many good bands are coming out right now. Hardcore isn’t really about competition, it’s about community and supporting the people who you think are sick and not trying to rival them. I don’t really know what makes us stand out, but we like it because we write music we would want to hear. We have a lot of pent up energy so that helps I guess.

Describe the lyrical content on “Beneath The Ground”
Tommy: It’s about getting in your own way and procrastinating to the point of it being damaging. Jack writes all of our lyrics, they’re usually about something along those lines although we try not to be too pessimistic and give them a bit of positivity. I think the gloom won on this one though.

Finally, are there any plans for new music this year and how do you plan to evolve as a band?
Tommy: Honestly, we don’t know! When this lockdown ends we will be able to give you an answer. Probably soon. Whenever soon is. We are just trying to accumulate as much material as possible and Arthur is making beats. Maybe they will pop up here and there.

Interview by Rob Kent

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