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Revolve have rose to the top of the Scottish Hardcore scene. After also establhsing themselves as one of the main names in the UK and Europian scenes, Revolve are a band that are expanding upon the roots of the Hardcore genre. While adding a modern stance to their work with futher extreme elements channeled in to their songwriting, the band have been making their presence felt at every show they play. With new music planned for this the band are certainly going to futher leave a mark on modern heavy music and show no signs of slowing down. Faultline chatted with Revolve vocalist Shaun recently about his memories of growing up in the Glasgow Hardcore scene, the bands infleunces and much more!

Glasgow has always had a strong and committed Hardcore community, why do think the scene has always been strong and survived there compared to come places in the UK where interest has faded?

I think it mainly comes down to the lack of community elsewhere in the country. While there have been times where interest and attendance fluctuates, I think that Glasgow being the main hub of all Scottish music scenes, hardcore included, means that it encourages people from all over to travel or even move to the city to stay in touch with what’s going on which really just keeps a constant stream of people coming in. Compare this to England where there are a number of different scenes all within a few hours drive of each other which I think makes people less likely to travel too far for shows.

How do bands survive these days do you feel, what does it take to rise above the rest in the modern age?

Being genuine goes a long way. I feel like people can tell when a band is writing what they are actually interested in rather than trying to appeal to what is popular at that point. The bands who seem to survive in the long run aren’t trying to sound like the current biggest band and don’t confine themselves to the cliches of certain styles.

Heavier music has survived longer than many other sub-genres and cultures, do you feel Hardcore and Metalcore has remained an interest for most due to its constant evolution? What, do you feel, generally kills genres and why do people lose interest?

That’s exactly it, as well as being such a diverse genre in general. Once every band starts to sound the same it is very easy to get bored and look for something else, so the fact that hardcore has such a wide spectrum of bands makes it easy to keep people interested. Once again it goes back to bands doing their own thing and not allowing the scene to become stagnant. 

Who were your biggest influences growing up and what bands inspire your songwriting and why?

My influences personally always came from punk music. I was always into metal, metalcore, and deathcore. While I was growing up but my introduction to hardcore came from bands like Minor Threat and Black Flag rather than through metalcore. Influence for us in terms of songwriting really comes solely from having Wrong One to Fuck With by Dying Fetus on constant repeat.

How has 2020 been treating Revolve so far? Musically, what is the band doing differently compared to last year?

Its been good so far! Nothing really changed with what we’re doing, we’ve only played 4 shows at this point, we were booking our longest tour to date for later in the year but there’s obviously a lot of uncertainty at this point as to when bands can tour again so we’ll just have to see what happens. 

Revolve are currently flying the flag or Scottish Hardcore, how does the title feel and to see your fan base grow since forming?

As we’ve been influenced by the last generation of Scottish bands its really cool to be doing so along with the likes of Revulsion. Just hoping that we see some new bands forming up our way because of it. 

What are some of your fondest memories from shows in Glasgow?

I can’t speak for the other members as we all started going at different times but since I started I have seen ups and downs in both interest and attendance which obviously happens in every scene. TFN records, which later became Cruel Minded, was the main booker of hardcore shows when I started and honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen the same numbers come out for shows without American bands on the bill since then. Memory wise seeing Adjust play for the first time since dropping their demo is definitely up there as one of the best. It was the first time I had seen a local band get a reaction like the videos of US bands I’d watch at the time. Having to go to hospital midway through Survivals set at my first ‘real’ hardcore show to get my lip stitched back together will always stick with me as well.

How has the band changed since forming? Have you stuck to the same formula?

The formula always changes as the band does, so much to the point that there isn’t one. We definitely don’t work the same way as we did when we formed and we’ve really just been taking what we can over the last little while which I think will be how we continue, just playing by ear. 

Finally, can we expect new music this year and more shows?

We’re working on new music and hoping that we’ll be able to release and play shows around it after all the current madness calms down.

Interview by Rob Kent

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