Reviewed – Pour Me – Living To Learn.

Rating – 3/5



Jamie Reid is a solo artist from Aberdeen releasing music under the name Pöur Me; this EP is a two-track precursor to an upcoming release titled ‘Living to Learn’; a folk/punk crossover effort by one man and his guitar.

The opening track, ‘The Hopelessness of Living’ dives into the theme of alcohol abuse: “I hope you take a drink that’s just a drink and not a coping mechanism” coupled with a sense of self-pity. The second track ‘The Hopelessness of Learning’ in Reid’s words: “…fell out of me one evening when I should have been at the pub” and is a really nice raw expression of emotion; the raw sound of the track really complements the subject matter.

The sound is bare and stripped-down, double-tracked vocals and acoustic guitar help to fill out the tracks but there is a tinny quality that is hard to see past at times. This isn’t necessarily a criticism in itself, just a reality of working with a limited range of instruments.

There are some nice harmonic ideas the vocals, giving off an almost haunting quality however they could be significantly improved with some small adjustments. It could be a lack of confidence in delivery that leads to some pitchy moments but overall the vocals carry the melodies well enough. The Celtic lilt of Reid’s accent suits the folk/punk genre painting a suitably depressing picture to accompany the lyrical content.

The continuation of the theme of ‘hopelessness’ on the full release would be interesting to see, certainly, this could work as a storytelling album a staple of the folk genre; something in the vein of Bon Iver’s ‘Forever Emma, Forever Ago’, a summation of thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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