Reviewed – Osca – New Summer

Rating – 3/5

“New Summer, new lover, got my new shades on”

Osca seem to be bringing what the whole country is craving right now. They’ve captured that feeling that comes when Spring shows it’s first glimmering shoots of hope and the Summer that promises to follow. Yes the song mentions being in July and we’re looking down the barrel of an April in Covid-19 lockdown but their focus on the promise of a summer outdoors amongst people is on more than a few minds right now.

The sound is up beat, happy and simple. The guitars match that ethos, the drum beat carries the pace throughout and it’s saturated with the vibe of anticipation of something to do and somewhere to be. It’s straightforward and it works. This isn’t a rock opera, it’s not navel gazing, introspective and there’s no attempt at balancing it out with any negativity. Apart from the line that states his glass is never full. Sort that out lads.

There’s no hidden depths here but why would there need to be, it’s a tune to put on for pre drinks, a perfect getting ready to go out song, a track for a bbq on the beach or for sticking on in the car when you’re off on a road trip. At under three and a half minutes it’s not an in depth dialogue about a summer relationship and new discovery. It’s a 99 with a flake by the beach, not a long drawn out summer afternoon that drags into the evening and it’s great for that.

Like a snapshot it starts right out the blocks with the lyrics and a simple melody, and it ends asz quickly and simply as it arrives. A constant question throughout “Is it a flash in the pan” sums up the track. Yes it is a flash in the pan. It’s here one minute and gone the next but that’s exactly what it needs to be. As for Oscar themselves? Hardly. They’ve got something good here so here’s hoping for more further down the line.

They’re performing in and around Birmingham on a monthly basis at venues like the Actress and Bishop and Dead Wax so all global pandemics permitting, catch them out there soon.

Review by Jim Clinch

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