Reviewed – Deep City – Joyride

Rating – 4.5/5

Deep City releases their aptly named single, ‘Joyride’; a shimmering, chorus-laden excursion that manages to capture a sweet, nostalgic vibe with its slick musicianship and an infectiously catchy sound.

For fans of jangly, dream-pop look no further; the track is drenched in soul-soothing reverb, tasteful guitar hooks and a sparse, but effective, vocal melody tied together with an undercurrent of resonant synth work. The vocals are teased neatly over the dreamy soundscape and complement it nicely with simple, yet emphatic harmony that’s eminently sing-able.
The drums draw you in with a simple catchy backbeat; the 80s style snare hits coupled with driving bass synth compel head nodding and foot tapping. The hi-hat work is smart and the relaxed vibe of the track belies the underlying, tight rhythmic work.

The whole track develops nicely at a languorous pace and finishes smartly; it’s reminiscent of Turnover’s work on ‘Good Nature’; a breezy stroll on a summer’s day. Sanguine vocals, tasty bass hooks, and an almost hypnotizing guitar tone create a suitably tranquil listening experience. The production is smart, smooth and complements the musicianship very well. Despite the many musical elements that go into creating a single like this, nothing feels crowded; the track really breathes nicely; less is more and Deep City understands this.

Summer is coming; so download this track, add it to your playlist and enjoy the vibes; just be prepared to tell everyone who these guys are when they inevitably ask.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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