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In a modern world where diversity and unity are promoted in everyday life, applying this mindset to music is the perfect way to push boundaries and set the bar to evolve and view creativity though a new perspective. London based Pengshui, have done exactly that. Combing Hip-Hop and Punk to acheive their own unqie sound, the band have done everything in their power not be labled with a genre. 

What was your inspiration to combine the genres of grime and hip-hop with Punk and metal, where did the idea to blend these contrasting sounds come from?

It’s just what we all love individually and collectively. We are just making and playing the stuff that makes us happy, gassed and excited. There are literally no boundaries within it and that’s how we like it.

Do you feel labeling a band to a genre is a prominent way to pigeonhole a band these days and generally just creates limitations with music?

Life is unpredictable and you might have an experience one day, out of nowhere that will change your entire energy or inspiration. Obviously things have to be put in some kind of box but I think it is important to be accepting that you might want to do something different one day and if you’ve been pigeonholed, you’re limited to that, not in all cases but most of the time.

How was the recording process for your debut record?

Great actually, we did it remotely which we enjoyed. We just wanted to get on it and get started so we figured out a way and did it! We are really excited about recording album 2 in the room together though, we want to capture that real live energy we have onstage.

How important is a live show these days in the current scene do you think? Is your sound something that is digested easiest in a live setting?

I like to think when people hear it live, they immediately get it. So yes. 100% for us.

What has been the bands’ highlight moment to date?

Becoming a band. We have all wanted to do a project like this for a long time, so the highlight is actually doing it. Playing download was pretty mental though.

Groups such as Astroid Boys and Hacktavist were pioneering the sound of a grime/metal crossover in recent years, what does your band bring to the table that will keep listeners interested and intrigued?

It is 100% us, so I like to think that as long as we are pouring that good, honest energy into this band. People will stick with us. We really are just getting started and have some lovely ideas for songs and concepts in the future.

Do you feel fans of music are more open-minded these days compared to around 10-15 years ago?

100%. It is the internet that helped people become more open to new ideas and outlooks in life.

Is the door open wider than ever before for sounds to be blended and expressed in a live setting with contrasting line ups that create unity rather than a divide?

We come from being on or involved in mixed line ups with all different sounds and vibes. Festivals & Raves with everything from Grime to DNB in one setting. Music is so vast and having contrasting line ups bring people together.

Tell us about your record?

We love it. It is us, now. Play it loud with the bass turned up.

Finally, what does 2020 what in store for the band?

Album 2. As many shows as possible. Lots of hugs. Smiles. Hopefully more people getting into us and joining us for a bloody good time. Love. More bass.

Interview by Rob Kent

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