Reviewed – Raging Clue – Wildchild

Rating – 4/5

Release Date – 13/3/20


Download or stream the track–tsG8xbqIHU

In these dark, testing times, a dose of nostalgic pop punk is just what is needed. Nottingham trio Raging Clue are here to make self-isolation that little bit more enjoyable. Their debut single, Wildchild, is a glorious three-minute blast to pop punk’s golden days.

It’s obvious from the first few seconds that Raging Clue take their influence from late ‘90s and early ‘00s pop punk, particularly blink-182. There are clear nods to Dude Ranch and Enema Of The State, as well as other pop and skate punk influences including Simple Plan, Less Than Jake, and Saves The Day. The beauty in Wildchild is its simplicity. They stick to the tried and tested formula without overcomplicating it, and the result is a model pop punk track.

Each instrument plays an essential role, and they combine together seamlessly to create a sharp, raw sound. The drumming is simple but effective, while the guitar is lively and crisp. The standout however, is the bass, which is tight, punchy, and feels like the driving force in the song. It never gets lost in the mix, holding its own throughout and never plays second fiddle to the guitar. The vocals and lyrics are exactly what would be expected from this genre: boy meets girl, boy not good enough for girl. Hardly the most thought-provoking of subjects, but that’s something to love about pop punk. The vocal delivery fits the vibe perfectly, and refreshingly avoids a cringey faux American accent.

It’s clear that Raging Clue are making the music they want to make and are having fun doing it, and this will hopefully carry over to their live shows. Wildchild is hardly groundbreaking and it isn’t going to change the world, but who cares? At times like this everyone could do with some feel-good pop-punk to lift the mood.

Review by Will Cooper

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