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After giving the world their second album, "Samsara" Venom Prison has become one of the most exciting modern metal bands. With Hardcore roots blended with a Death Metal influence their sound is modern and everything a modern heavy band should sound like. The band have seen success in North American and are soon heading to Australia for their debut shows in the southern hemisphere. Furthermore, the band are supporting Parkway Drive on a huge Europian arena tour this April. Venom Prison are flying the flag for modern British metal and with a third album in progress and huge shows being a regular occurrence for the band, Venom Prison are sure to carve their name as one of the greats of heavy music.

You performed at Glastonbury and Boomtown in recent years, do you think heavy music is the most popular it has been in a long time and why?

Rock music has always been the biggest genre but extreme music pushing through more and more is quite interesting. I think people are getting more behind the idea of how outspoken is it and what is it evolving into. So many sub genres are growing and changing heavy music, people now have so much choice and creative freedom that somewhere along the line it can be relatable or a familiar connection from other genres. 

Do you feel the “Female-fronted” label as a band or do you feel it is just a fact, rather than a genre?

The female fronted label shouldn’t be used, people argue it’s different but I disagree regardless of what gender you have in your band it does not musically label it or improve the quality. I don’t see how this is even a thing to be honest. 

Your upcoming support slot on the Parkway Drive tour is primarily in some huge venues, how did the offer come about for this and how are you anticipating playing the likes of Wembley arena and huge European stages?

 We were asked to be on the tour and honestly we are stoked on this. .These will be the biggest venues Venom Prison has seen as a band but we will just do what Venom Prison does and play Blast beats at Wembley Arena. 

Critics and fans praised your latest effort “Samsara” why do you think your latest effort has your been most successful to date? Was the writing process different? Was it is about your latest songs that took the band to the next level do you think?

We as a band just want to progress as a band and musicians each record, we had praise from our debut Animus but we had to take it to the next level and takes what we did. The song writing process was just more intense, more practicing, more everything. Album 3 won’t be treated any differently but we won’t be writing the same record twice, Animus doesn’t sound like Samsara, album 3 won’t sound like Samsara, obviously roots will be there but we are looking at the next level for Venom Prison already. 

You used to play primarily on hardcore shows and lineups but you have transitioned into playing to more of a metal crowd in recent times, was this change intentional?

 We are a metal band with hardcore people if that makes sense? .We will play hardcore shows like we have been to date, someone’s house, practice room, hardcore festivals but at the same time we belong in front of metal crowds the change was natural but was always going to happen.

Do you feel the digital age has held back or allowed bands to put themselves on the map more? What are the advantages and negatives of releasing and promoting music in the modern-day?

I think it’s allowed bands to grow more I think the negatives for this is very few. We are discovering bands from the other side of the world in one click, live footage and music promotions etc obviously you’ll get keyboard warriors but that really is such a small problem from what the positives are. 

What genre do you specifically categorize yourselves in? Do you strive for a death metal sound that is hardcore influenced?

To be honest we just write what we write, we are a death metal band but as you can see these days death metal is evolving in so many different ways lately that it truly makes it very interesting to see what people are creating. The hardcore influence I think is subconsciously there are people attach it as the people they know us as which I have no problem with but I’d say Venom Prison is a death metal band. 

So many influences, from all eras of metal, can be heard in your music. How do you combine such a vast range of influences into your writing?

Never hold back on something good and creative if it sounds good to you then you have to go for it. We as a band have alot of Influences from many genres and I think that shapes Venom Prison. I think album 3 will start to show alot more different sides to Venom Prison 

Is their plans for any UK headline shows this year?

There certainly is.

Finally, what are you five essential Death Metal albums for people getting into the genre to listen to?

I’ll say bands instead of records as these bands have great records to just check out –
Death – Symbolic
Carcass – Heartwork
Possessed – Seven Churches
Morbid Angel – Altars Of Madness
Bolt Thrower – The IVth Crusade

Interview by Rob Kent

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