Reviewed – Jack Cattell – Love Me

Rating – 4/5


Single Artwork – Bethany Hill –

“Love Me” is the brand new single from singer/songwriter Jack Cattell. A combination of neat guitar licks, soaring vocal harmonies and catchy lyrics make this an instantly likeable song from the Walsall-based musician. The track opens with a stripped back, Arctic Monkeys-esque verse, with Jack’s vocals taking centre stage, above a satisfyingly rhythmic bassline, and heavily reverby guitar section.

The chorus is where this track really comes alive, with catchy vocal melodies, beautifully complimented by some harmonised backing vocals. The lyrics are nice & simple, and after the second play-through you’re already singing along. The theme of love, and chasing down that one girl/guy, is a subject that will certainly resonate with many listeners. The mix gives off a very raw and uncut feel to the song, whilst still sounding incredibly radio- friendly, which only adds to the charm of it. Now performing as a 3-piece, this song is bound to go down well live with new and familiar listeners alike. Having recently performed at Birmingham’s “Discover Birmingham” shows, to a sell-out crowd, it’s looking like a good year to be Jack Cattell.

Review by Dan Pearson

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