Reviewed – Insurgent – Colors Bleed

Rating – 4/5

Release Date – 5/3/20

Colors Bleed is the new single from Birmingham heavy metallers Insurgent. If you thought heavy metal was dead and buried, consigned to the classic rock radio stations and wistful memories, then there’s good news coming out of Birmingham. Colors Bleed is single number two, following up “Counterpart”, the band’s debut single.

Having only been around since the winter of 2018 shows no signs of hampering the music being created by the Brummie four-piece. The band comprises Katie Teitge on vocals, Joe Rowley on guitar, Jake Brettle on bass and Mike Tabone on drums. They all find voice and verve on Colours Bleed and each brings something to the table.

The track has a great texture. It rocks, it drives, it has soul, passion, and fire.
There’s not a scream, growl or roar in sight just pure, powerful, yet soulful in places, a sound that is well worth a listen. The opening thrums straight out the traps with a driving bassline and hypnotic drums, vocals dancing over the top on the wings of the pacy guitar. The influence of Slipknot comes to the fore here with an opening reminiscent of “Psychosocial” or “Sic”.

A breather in terms of pace comes with the midsection and here enters the impassioned soul and chorus, but it never goes soft, soppy or boring. You’re unmistakably still slap bang in the middle of a blasting metal track. There are definitely elements of “Cry of Achilles” by Alter Bridge as the song enters an anthemic spell that aches to be screamed along with. You can definitely picture yourself belting this out at a festival in the pouring rain, beer in hand. It feels at home after a couple of listens through and that is meant in the best way possible. It’s lazy comparing Insurgent to other female-fronted bands but if you insist on one then these guys more than fight their corner. To say they’ve got bigger balls than Paramore and Evanescence combined is a strange way to put it, but it definitely fits.

Review by Jim Clinch

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