Reviewed – Vesent – Opening

Rating – 4/5


Leeds based group  Vesent offers up their latest single ‘Opening’; a dark, brooding track that winds its way through familiar territory whilst showing off some really nice ideas and strong execution. The intro grabs you with frenetic sliding, alongside an undercurrent of fuzzbox guitar and a generous helping of crashing cymbals. It’s reminiscent of  Kings of Leon meets 90s grunge, meets metalcore breakdown.

The vocals match the tonality of the instrumental; a dark, low Eddie Vedder croon that starts slowly and builds to an emotional chorus with a pleasing, raspy tone. Lyrically, the vocals evoke loss, longing, and desperation; a typical subject matter for today’s alternative musicians. The reverb on the drums and some nice guitar effects work together to add depth and warmth to the track. The dynamics are very well realized, with the band seamlessly blending the gloomier verse with the uplifting chorus.

Especially impressive is the mature sound that these guys have managed to cultivate in a relatively short amount of time as a group, and also as a three-piece. The track feels bigger and swankier than the traditional guitar/bass/drum combo normally allows for. Some real thought and decision making in the studio have given them a nice, unique sound to really develop and build on.

If l”leave them wanting more” is the ultimate compliment you can pay to a performer then so be it, Vesent definitely does inspire that feeling, but after a strong opening the whole thing ends a little bit flatly and the song definitely deserved a bit more. A melancholic, fading outro that doesn’t really do justice to what came beforehand. Granted, it does suit the overall dark tone and the keys are a nice addition but this track could have ended with a really satisfying bang.

If your idea of a good time is an alternative, grungy revival with a subtle twist check out Vesent; a strong representation of their genre, a group that definitely has more to bring to the table and hopefully some more gas in the tank to carry on their current trajectory.

Review by Theo Wildgoose

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