Reviewed – Grace Keeling – Life Goes Fluently.

Released: 21st February 2020
Rating: 4/5

Life Goes Fluently is the debut single by Shropshire-based singer-songwriter Grace Keeling. At only 17 years of age, Keeling is a baby in the music industry, however, Life Goes Fluently shows exceptional levels of creativity and musical maturity.

While she may look like a generic acoustic singer-songwriter, there is much more to Keeling’s sound than this. Life Goes Fluently may prominently feature the acoustic guitar accompaniment, but there is a smattering of other things going on as well, with layers of clean guitars, light percussion, and a soft, droning synth creating a cleverly thought out texture. The production is excellent and the song sounds ready for radio.

The dream-pop influence is evident, along with hints of psychedelia. Keeling expertly creates a sombre, contemplative atmosphere, making you float off into her world. The standout feature is her voice, which is powerful and rich in tone, captivating, and commanding. It dominates the texture without being overbearing, showing exceptional control and execution.

Life Goes Fluently is so soothing it seems to fly by, making it hard to believe it’s just under four minutes in length. The vocal and lyrical talent, combined with clever instrumentation and intricate production means Keeling has created a finely crafted piece of art way beyond her age. You wonder if she’ll be able to take her music much further than this debut, but such focus and maturity suggest she isn’t planning on stopping any time soon.

Review by Will Cooper

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