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Audiokicks are a band that strive to create a unique sound and use their band as a platfrom to express themselves with no limits to their creative freedom. After an eventfull few years in within the band, they show no signs of slowing down and are still producing music that will no doubt engage every pair of ears that hear their art. 

Tell us about your new single and the sound you are striving to achieve?

Our new single “Stuck On Repeat” reaches towards more of an upbeat indie sound for us in comparison to some other tracks we’re working on whilst retaining some real depth in the lyrics.

How is Audiokicks different from your past musical adventures? what does this band allow as an outlet that other involvements may have been limitations?

I can only speak or myself (Jamie) but I find Audiokicks different from other projects in terms of creative freedoms, each member is welcome to bring in there own style into the mix and is encouraged to play to how they personally feel things should sound. There’s no assigned roles and obvious leadership/one man showmanship its a collective working project.

What do you think is the best to stand out from the crowd in modern age?

With the endless stream of “hits” that get forgotten about by the week after I believe creating a narrative that connects to your audience that they can relate to gives music an edge to stand out.

How important do you think online presence is these days? Or is it relentless performing and material that the true way for a band to break through the ranks?

Both are equally important. There’s so much competition these days that you need to be on the ball in every aspect of how you manage yourself.

How did the band form?

Audiokicks formed back in 2006 in Westhill, Aberdeenshire. The original band consisted of Iain Jaimeson, Mike Traquair and Ian Brown who regularly played the Aberdeen gig circuit.The band have recorded 3 E.P.’s and featured on the Fat Hippy Records Sampler, Volume IV in 2012. A move into extending their capabilities came in 2013 when they began playing an extensive range of cover music. The band line up has adapted in 2014 with the addition of Daniel Mackintosh on lead guitar and Gavin Scott on bass.

Audiokicks began recording their debut album in February 2015 and released it in May. In the wake of Daniel’s passing in June of 2015, the remaining three decided to stay together and have since revamped the set and sound. Lost To This World- The groups 2nd album was released in February 2019 and since then with the departure of Ian Brown the band has developed into a 4 piece set up with new material flowing featuring Jamie Reid on Drums and Mathilde Fongen on Bass.

Where do your influences come from?

Audiokicks are driven on a wide variety of influences from modern to classic hits. Each member brings their own flavour of influence which combines to produce a diverse range of songs.

Why should people be listening to Audiokicks rather than other new bands?

There are so many excellent new bands out there, I feel a reason to prioritise Audiokicks over other new bands is that where other new bands are still finding there sound we have a sound that’s both clear and diverse that acts as a solid core to our music. It’s difficult to describe but I guess it’s like when you hear the first few seconds of a song and you know which band it is straight away just from the sound- I feel that’s the stage we’re getting at.

Finally, what are the bands’ plans for 2020?

Our new single was released on the 9th February and we’re away on a 9 date UK tour from the 14th to the 22nd February to support the release. We have plans for an EP to be released in the late summer with no doubt another flurry of gigs to support that along with a headline show at our local venue Krakatoa on the 3rd April. 

Interview by Rob Kent

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